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  1. some roasts from Mafia 2 & some GTA series are still useful for me in Discord arguments (if i'm taking them seriously and if you consider those roasts toxic xD)
  2. i have been playing GTA San Andreas MULTIPLAYER for more than 6 years, i still enjoy it even if i can't afford time for it anymore like before!
  3. i talk about it in reality only when something related to it comes into my chit chat with my friends, otherwise, i don't really involve it with topics that it has nothing to do with or start conversations about it
  4. a full of surprises experience i'd say, this happened to me recently when i started to play snowrunner, i felt surprised and shocked many times after watching some videos about it in youtube, it's crazy how i didn't know lot of things as a beginner and also how tough the game was for me
  5. for me, if the performance would still be enough satisfying after enabling Ray Tracing then yeah, i'd go for it as it brings lot of improvement when it comes to graphics
  6. well yeah, that's the issue, using more than one password for different platforms and remembering it is a really tough task ._.
  7. when you say online games, do you mean games that can be played online without downloading or games that have multiplayer as a feature (or based on it) ? as per the first one, nope, you can still play games online without downloading them as those flash games websites started using html5 instead
  8. man if he ever launches of those games in a break, he'll wake up realizing that he spent way more time playing lol
  9. i owned 3 chargers (1 came with laptop and bought 2 later because previous ones died somehow) in 4 years of owning a laptop, my laptop had a 35Watts CPU and 2 GPU's (integrated and dedicated), for 8$, those chargers did real well
  10. I honestly do that only when Epic games is giving them for free, so i always give games i never heard of/don't know about a try, sometimes you get disappointed and sometimes you regret you didn't play that game earlier
  11. using an external HDD/SSD for games will ruin the look of your setup and there is probably a chance of losing speed & performance, it's better to install it inside, there's always more than enough Sata ports in your motherboard for additional hard drives/normal SSD's
  12. i would say pretty much any game that won't bring real voice actors to perform in that film, i believe that being a voice actor is a whole different story than being an actor, but people should be given chance for a better experience for us the viewers!
  13. that's how i pretty much pick platforms as well + exclusives are important
  14. Patrik


    i had it for a while and i was dumb enough to sell it later for a very cheap price (literally 10$), i should have kept it for the sake of the good ol' exclusives such as God of war, Mortal Kombat etc..
  15. i personally don't, i just feel somehow unsecure if i use them since if their database gets leaked, not only one account of mine will be affected, but literally all of them
  16. man this game never dies lol, i'm pretty much addicted to it as well, same goes to Snowrunner these days, i'm playing nothing else these days besides it
  17. EXACTLY, then you die in the hospital but start playing again like nothing has happened, i didn't complete the game yet but it seems to be interesting
  18. will surely help man to know what's going on behind the scenes, but that task is really boring, you just stalk the wife and film her sitting with her boss in a restaurant then kill them both together lol
  19. yep man, the dedication there is real and should be appreciated!
  20. A non toxic gaming platform? This is surely heaven, thanks a lot for bringing this into existence
  21. mostly yeah, like random citizen tasks in GTA games and much more, those people are usually weird along with the tasks that come with them lmao, like a guy in GTA IV asking you to stalk his wife coz he thinks she's cheating him
  22. nah there is nothing unique about having something retarded in your game, but i still love it, i mean, those mechanisms aren't preventing me from playing the game lol
  23. Patrik


    you get around 500 MB free monthly, it depends on why do you need the VPN, for me, 500MB is pretty much enough for the things i'm needing the VPN for
  24. Patrik


    I used Tunnelbear couple of times before, in gaming, it makes your ping a little bit higher and leads to some packetloss, but in everything else they are just fine
  25. i would still use firefox but using chrome for one simple reason, it connects everything to your gmail acc : bookmarks, history, extensions and everything, so switching PC's isn't really hard
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