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  1. Polar from Crash Bandicoot, Garry from Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom and the cat in the wall picture that you find in CJ's sleeping room (GTA SA)
  2. i first saw this on a facebook post attached to Forza Horizon, it wasn't that bad actually considering you see side panels in the game too and you won't pay attention to what's being advertised there, the big issue will be once things turn into mobile games experience
  3. not improvement but more support obviously, one of the obstacles why people aren't picking it for gaming up over windows is the lack of supported games and you can only play few titles there
  4. The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned (also known as Episodes from Liberty City) DLC's from GTA IV, you see the storyline of the main game from different aspects when playing them and they are quite long (not longer than the main storyline for sure)
  5. Flying is an option in lot of games but not that enjoyable experience in many, in GTA games, you can't mention flying without remembering how pain it is (i'm sure you remember the demolition mission from GTA Vice City, Flight school in GTA SA, Stealing mission from GTA IV and fewer ones from GTA V), there is also around 3 missions in N'sane Trilogy (Crash bandicoot) where you have to fly using a jetpack, the controls are super bruh there. What do you think about it?
  6. When it comes to pure Army simulation, i believe that Arma wins it (besides Battlefield and COD simulating wars)
  7. true, but if you collect all items, you unlock some special stuff like special endings, secret levels etc... (i watch those only on youtube xd)
  8. i believe that L.A Noire from Rockstar games can fit in this category
  9. age ratings aren't a thing in my country (i still don't know why) which is sort of a good thing as GTA and other games were part of my childhood and i don't remember learning anything bad from those games either!!
  10. it's a good feature but it sometimes might spoil for you that the game is about to end 😞
  11. Just finished playing Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy, and as most of the series fans know, it's so hard and has a weird hardbox, so the game being tough at some levels is what i hate about it, but i still finished it (didn't gather all the gems obviously as that's more challenging and im not that patient)
  12. you don't have to play the whole game to know the plot about joe, all it takes is a cutscene 😉
  13. pretty much the same here, some people think it's weird, but i don't really care as long as it's a banger 😄 used to do the same till i found out about some very interesting local rappers then i changed my mind
  14. same, i got like 2-3 levels left then i gave up, the game was just too hard, what did disapoint me is that there was a secret level in it that i wanted to unlock but it required collecting all the dragons in the game which was an impossible task for me lol
  15. same is happening to me with Crash Bandicoot rn, i reached a point that i wanted to uninstall the game, but nah, i love it and i'm getting good at it xD
  16. nah Hangar 13 is way different than War Drum Studio (newly known as Grove Street Games), it's sort of decent except it comes with weird decisions that kills games
  17. oh look it's Hangar 13 again, the same guys that made Mafia lll nothing like the previous games....
  18. Can you even do that online? i mean the GTA Online is a mess that even NPC's aren't safe xD
  19. I usually come across the question where people ask me about my favorite music genre, and they actually feel surprised when i tell them that i actually listen to everything (except some modern rap songs that are basically soooo bad even if they gather billion of views). are you the same?
  20. Patrik

    Singing or Rapping

    i would go for singing as it relies on how good your voice is, rapping is mostly about writing which isn't bad either
  21. for daily usage, if gaming wasn't the main purpose behind the existence of my PC, i would go for Ubuntu honestly, as i can still code there
  22. Classic Gmail here foreva! I was using another russian mailing service just because some forums don't send the confirmation links to gmail
  23. that's not the worst scenario, it's the ads that appear every single second and plays some loud music whenever you press a button, some games recently made enabling mobile data/wifi a must to play the game just to push their ads which is very annoying, uninstalling them is the only solution for me
  24. I have been playing Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy recently, and omg, the game is sooo hard and plays on my nerves, i don't remember it being that hard back when i played it as a kid. Same happened when i tried to replay Jackie Chan Stuntmaster and Pepsi Man, the games were hard for me as a kid, but i realized that they are even harder recently. what other games you believe that they are pain in the back to play?
  25. they are actually, the cockroaches in RE5 are able to beat you sometimes with one hit if they get too close to you (some enemies are able too, but cockroaches are the most annoying between all of them) and yeah, i forgot, the chainsaw guy too just like in RE4
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