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  1. I don't use it but my friend does. He's married but not living with his wife steadily because of work travels and all. It's not even a Blow up doll he makes use of but high quality silicone doll. It's so real when you feel the texture.
  2. And some of others like me don't or can't even succeed in doing it for just 5 minutes. It looks funny but that's how it's been with me for ages. Mediation isn't for me and it's why I can't have it in my morning routine.
  3. The issue with doing this is that these companies have always eluded investigations from gaming companies they sell their game's codes and hacks to give those with access to it a better advantage.
  4. Facing that level of challenge in very difficult mode can be thrilling because it's going to make you give your all because you're aware it's not going to be easy for you.
  5. I also forget adding how good and lucky it always feels whenever you get to win a match with the last kick of the ball in FIFA games. There's no joy better than that especially when you have been through hell in the match.
  6. How time flies. It's been an illustrious one for the Atari gaming system and with something good to take home from all of this is that some gamers still take their gaming on Atari seriously.
  7. I would say that Batman is a bully with with the right purpose 😂.
  8. The ProController for Atari Jaguar is definitely a horror show and I'm sure that it was why there wasn't any other controllers like it ever made after.
  9. The very first time I played the game, it felt like I should never stop playing because the more I played, the more it gets very hilarious and crazy 🤪.
  10. This was exactly the same thing with me back in the days. I recently started playing on PC, so then it was strictly on consoles. I'm not sure if there was ever a cheat code for my Gameboy then.
  11. As much as I know that Playstation 5 is a beast, I'm not going to mention the console until I have it as my own. It's only console that's been giving me sleepless night's for a while now.
  12. Let's hope that they are willing to try something new and different this time around with the game. I'm sure a lot of gamers must have asked for English subtitle.
  13. My Telegram is more for my Cryptocurrency updates and some Airdrops I feel like taking part in. My WhatsApp serves me more better for business communication and general chat catching up.
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