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The thing that pisses me off is people from other countries saying that we all talk with a heavy southern drawl, like a redneck. Sure there are a lot of people that do talk like that (I'm one of them) but there's a hell of a lot more. Have you ever met someone from New Jersey or Wisconsin? How about California? We also have people who live on the northern border that pick up a Canadian accent. A lot of white kids in San Diego often pick up a Mexican accent because they're right on the border and go into Tijuana on a regular basis to have fun. I'll admit that for a reason I don't even know, I've always wanted to visit Tijuana. I've been south of the border several times. With Mexico, it was always in the Yucatan peninsula. I was thinking of taking a road trip to Teotihuacan.

Why am I getting off topic AGAIN?

The point I'm trying to make is that there are a vast number of accents. Several coming from immigrants. Which is no bad thing. More diversity in this former country is needed.

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4 hours ago, Withywarlock said:

Indeed, having said that I try not to use the term aMeRiCaN aCcEnT because I try to pay as much common courtesy as I can by showing an interest in the person I'm speaking to.

Most of the time it's just damn fool ignorance, and it's not even true that America has one accent.

No, it doesn't offend me either per se, I just like different accents and seeing how different they are despite (in the case of Great Britain) the geographical distances. I suppose others don't share my same fascination.

I usually see people do it as a general nationality indicator from the Anglosphere. We hear a Brit speaking, we know he’s not Canadian or Australian.

Most Brits I see getting salty usually want us to recognize their various accents, but show no interest in ours. Apparently we need to know how to identify that someone’s from Birmingham or Manchester, but they don’t have to care that Michigan or Massachusetts have different accents.

That hypocrisy always annoyed me.

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