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  1. The Sonic stages were fine, some great, but there was a bunch of bullshit in both. Especially in the first one. I think the Chao Gardens caused people to just replay their favorite stages on repeat and that caused people to forget about the shitty parts. I personally don’t think it’s much of a competition on the 3D side when most of the 3D games are infamous for how terrible they are.
  2. America doesn’t have to deal with Scott, who’s a dick.
  3. I just own one of each (except the PS5, but I’m just waiting on more games to come out). I’ve never been one to collect console variants.
  4. I personally don’t care whether a game is adult oriented or not, I just want the game to be fun.
  5. I'm not personally fond, but if the games are getting more expensive to make, then whatever. Still cheaper than some of those cartridge prices from back in the day. I remember $80 games.
  6. I don't have that issue, so no problems for me. I also only collect games I'm actually interested in playing. I've never been the type to grab ones just for the sake of grabbing them, so that gives me the added benefit of having a smaller collection, and also I don't have to buy the expensive games that I'm not gonna play.
  7. I have a lot of OG hardware, but I personally enjoy collecting that stuff. I have flash carts for consoles I want, but not interested in actually collecting. I do have a modded Saturn memory card for playing burned games, because fuck paying second hand prices for the good Saturn games.
  8. I don't think they censor violence as much as in the 90's, especially before the ESRB was created for the US. The sexual stuff definitely gets more media coverage, and the stuff I've seen from the Censored Gaming Youtube channel does seem to have a lot of games that have primarily sexual stuff censored in Western releases. Especially when a lot of those games have characters that either look really young, or are canonically young. You can find old forum posts of people throwing a fit over games like Xenoblade Chronicles X for removing skimpy outfits for the 13 year old girl. Wow, so outrageous. I do agree that censorship is kind of dumb if it's rated T or M (or the equivalents from PEGI for the Europeans), but I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist for covering up some unnecessary skin, especially if it's not that kind of game.
  9. I enjoyed Xenogears, but I can’t get into Xenosaga. I keep trying to push myself to finish Xenosaga 1, but it’s such a drag. I feel like I just walk a few feet to unlock an unnecessarily long cutscene. You know it’s bad when they have save points between the cutscenes.
  10. I think most Japanese games in the past few years that get censored get a lot of unnecessary drama. The vast majority of the censorship involves them adding more clothes to either questionably aged female characters, or blatantly underaged characters. So there’s an irony seeing people claiming “I’m an adult, I don’t need censorship” while they throw a childlike tantrum.
  11. I have a few shelves for it. I have one of those tiny corner bookcases for my PS1 RPG collection.
  12. I think moderation is key. To make things less of a headache, prohibit stuff that's generally illegal in a lot of places, and also prohibit porn outside of porn sites. I'm also not a fan of places banning people for not agreeing with the site's politics. It feels all fine and dandy if you're in alignment with their politics, but the site owners' could change out and have a new political agenda, and now you're in trouble of getting banned for not agreeing with the new owners' politics.
  13. Yeah, I’ve seen more old mags at a doctor’s office than any Goodwill.
  14. Idk, I rarely see mags in general at second hand stores. I think the only second hand mags being sold were Playboys.
  15. I have, but it was one of those settings where I had to look for it, so if I was actually blind tested, I probably wouldn’t be able to A/B it properly.
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