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  1. I have thinks locally on my individual computers, but I also have a file server for backups, and also for things I use between computers.
  2. Grungie

    Is RGB important?

    I personally think it’s tacky, and the same with a lot of PC gamer design elements.
  3. This is pretty much me in a nutshell It's technically not an allergy, but since everyone mistakenly calls it one, it's just easier to say it is. Certain ones affect me more than others, but I haven't really deciphered which ones do better or worse. I can still drink, but I don't do it often because of the body reactions. Sometimes I get red in the face very quickly, and people think I'm already hammered, and I'm only half a beer in.
  4. Ngl, I thought you misspelled Backloggery, but then I clicked the link.
  5. I’m allergic to alcohol
  6. Panzer Dragoon, but also another game like Panzer Dragoon Saga.
  7. https://backloggery.com/ Idk if this fits your situation better.
  8. I wouldn't say I exclusively use it for gaming, but that is the majority of it's use. I prefer daily driving on my Mac.
  9. I have both, wireless does have the slight advantage.
  10. I own Grandia on the Saturn, but the frame rate is worse than the PS1 version.
  11. I can still play OG Final Fantasy on the NES, but the PS1 version is significantly better. Half the game isn’t broken, and all of the spells work. The SNES remake of Megami Tensei is better than the NES version. Outside of better graphics, it has battery saves instead of using passwords.
  12. Yeah, Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of my favs, but I don’t recommend anyone to buy a Saturn and then drop $1000 for it. It’s the one console where I own mostly imports, and modded it for burned CD’s. Not like Sega was gonna lose money on games they never re-released.
  13. It would be pretty cool, especially since the Saturn is considered a “boutique” console with a lot of the east games locked as Saturn exclusives, and really expensive on the second hand market.
  14. I’ve moved around a lot, and some major cities I’ve been to actually have dangerous areas, but some were “dangerous” for local standards. I noticed for more of the whitebred states, dangerous was code word for “black people live there”. One place I lived, people were scared of the side of town that had buildings built 20+ years ago, and didn’t have a Sprouts nearby.
  15. A lot of that information is patently false. Most desktop computers and laptops ship with Windows. The exceptions are the Chromebooks, which run Chrome OS (a Chrome dedicated distro of Linux) and Apple's Mac lineup, which run MacOS (which is a Unix OS). The difference between an HP and a Dell computer is going to be what manufacturer specific software is pre-installed onto it. They usually come pre-installed with random HP, Dell, etc, software on it, but 99% of everything else is going to be Windows.
  16. I know GameStop has some weird stuff like that for some reason. I remember seeing them do that for some 3DS games too for like Virtual Console titles, or even ones that had a real cartridge. I own a pretty good sized stack of Switch games, and the only download codes are for day one editions that have special DLC. His comment does kind of read off like this is become more frequent, but it’s either some weird GameStop shit, or I’m just not buying the games that are just download codes.
  17. The hardest thing about building computers is the research and (if you don't have the disposable income) coughing up the money. The actual building process is really easy, and not in a "I've been doing this for several years" easy. It's building Legos, and kind of like a puzzle where if it doesn't fit, it doesn't go there, or you put it in wrong. Also don't build it on a carpet because static electricity.
  18. I buy a bunch of recently launched Switch games and I still haven’t run into that yet. Am I just incredibly lucky, or am I not buying the right games?
  19. The perception, at least in the US, has changed quite a bit as it got a lot more mainstream in the past decade thanks to legal streaming. It especially helped increase the variety of shows that people saw. It’s amazing the variety of shows people I meet irl know about now. So I feel vindicated for the shower I loved back then now getting their long awaited popularity.
  20. Tbh the fansub debates were by people who just watched the shows, and not from the actual people who did the translations. It was largely people claiming they wanted accuracy, but was really a long winded argument of “the one I saw first is the canonical translation”. There’s plenty of examples of some things being translated wrong, and people were insistent for years that the wrong one was superior. Which comes off as super hypocritical when your argument was for accuracy and you find out something was wrong, but it’s totally acceptable… That’s why I mentioned the argument was by a ton of people who don’t speak the language, because they actually didn’t. I’m Japanese and know the language, and when you correct people on things that are completely wrong, and not a common misconception, it’s pretty obvious you don’t know the language. Back to my previous part about the canary and merch vs your Lara Croft example is the percentage of exposure to the lewd stuff. With Lara Croft, more people are exposed to the actual game, so there isn’t a general perception of the fans being a den of perverts. The promotional stuff is stereotypical of an action game. With the anime pervert stereotype, there are a ton of shows that don’t just have the lewd fan art, but there’ll be a ton of official posters, promotional art, and various merchandise of the female characters in scantily clad outfits. So if all you see of a series is these females in scantily clad outfits, it’s hard to not think this show is gonna be fanservice, even though it won’t be. Let’s take Pokémon and not change anything about the game/show. Instead, we’ll replace all the current merch and promotional art to primarily be about all the female characters in scantily clad outfits, people’s perception on Pokémon is going to change drastically. There’s some shows I’m a fan of, and I recommend it to people, and after a quick Google search, they think I’m getting them to watch something like To Love Ru or High School DxD because even the official stuff is a bunch of lewds.
  21. To be fair, as anime got more popular here, the pervert stereotype did kind of disappear. Crunchyroll existing and Netflix increasing its catalog definitely changed the tide here, but before that, I really couldn’t stand the anime community. Online or offline. This is coming from someone who was/is an active anime fan. We can complain all we want about how others should be open minded about communities, but if your only exposure to a community is by seeing a bunch of perverts an/or obnoxious assholes, it makes the community off-putting for outsiders. Before legal streaming got popular, I just wanted to have a “normal” conversation about anime. Basic stuff like “hey this show is awesome!”, instead I primarily could only find people who either only cared about talking about how much they want to fuck <insert female character> or some assholes being more obsessed with the fansub wars to fan check you. I’m so glad that latter part died off. Nothing like seeing a bunch of people who don’t know Japanese argue with which translation is more accurate.
  22. To be fair, the anime fandom itself isn’t exactly doing much to quell the pervert stereotype. When a large number of vocal fans are perverts, it’s kind of hard to shake the stereotype off. There’s quite a few series I see on a regular basis where I knew nothing about it, except for the massive amount of lewd fan art, until I saw the show myself and realized the show has nothing to do with it. The merch itself isn’t helping either… The show will be sfw, but the merch sure as hell isn’t…
  23. I think it's a nice feature if you didn't own the previous console, or you can save that port on your TV for one console instead of using it for 2. I personally don't understand the mindset of selling all of your games to get the newest console. One reason for me is what if I still want to play those games? Then there's the lack of games on the new console. I just beat the one game I want on the new console, well fuck, I don't have any other games left...
  24. I felt like that with Trails in the Sky. It somehow didn’t grab me at first, then I restarted the game and had a blast.
  25. Iirc the term Latino(a) was created by the immigrants from the region in the US, whereas the English speakers never felt the need to use a unifying name outside of a largely academic use. There wouldn’t be a need for something like AngloX because English isn’t a gendered language. I don’t know the ethnicity of the creator(s) of the term Latinx, but it definitely wasn’t someone who spoke a Latin language. Though the whole political correctness and inclusivity movement does have a sizable group of people who, while have their hearts in the right places, are pushing for this stuff based out of ignorance. There’s definitely a savior complex with some of these individuals/groups. I’m a minority, and it’s always weird for me to see someone outside of my ethnicity getting offended on our behalf over things most of us really don’t care about, yet turn a blind eye to things we actually do find offensive.
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