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Abortion as Birth Control

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I'm not supposed to comment on this thread no more.  However, since you've all continued to write on it, I will say something.  O.K., you bring up saving lives of the mother.   Well, that might be the case sometimes.  However, I seriously doubt if most abortions are about that.  In fact, they are just a lazy way to get out of a situation - by "murdering the baby".  

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5 hours ago, Jayson said:

In fact, they are just a lazy way to get out of a situation - by "murdering the baby".


Ok, I think you should speak to some people who have been through the process of getting an abortion, because I don't think you've got the correct sentiment at all.  There might be a handful of people that don't think twice about it and just see it as an "easy way out" but I fucking guarantee those cases will be in the vast minority. There are a ton of social, economic and health factors to consider nearly everyone with an unwanted pregnancy will weigh their options carefully.


You seem to think that people who aren't against abortion have this cavalier attitude about it but this is not the case at all. Me personally, I think if the woman is willing to go through with the pregnancy so that the baby can be adopted by someone or a family who would look after it then that's the best option.

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Abortion can be really painful (physically, emotionally, and psychologically) for women; use pills, implants, or contraceptives to stop pregnancies. You can use emergency pills for accidental unprotected se*

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