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Quantum TV, The Next YouTube Adpocalypse?

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Over the last week or so, a situation that started with a YouTuber under the name Quantum TV pasting his take on Elden ring has spiralled out of control into a controversy that literally threatens the next Adpocalypse.


Here is a summery of the situation as I understand it. A YouTuber with a little 60k subs working in the niche AV community on the internet doing things like reviewing TV sets and producing guides for optimising displays, decided to do a review of the video game Elden Ring. Fair enough. I won't link the review as I don't really wanna send this guy traffic, but what he put up was what most of the gaming community consider a bad take on the game. He didn't enjoy the game and implied that video games should be made for everyone.


I'm going to break of into a slight tangent here because, I am actually going to defend the guy to some extent here. I may even agree with him to a point as well. People who have been on this forum for some time know I feel about From Software's games. Every time I've played one, for a number of reasons, I've not enjoyed them. I don't like thier game's approach to difficulty as in the philosophy of it, I don't like thier inclusion of certain inconveniences like not being able to pause and I don't like how sluggish and enfeebling the games feel to play, but that's me. I also don't like thier lack of accessibly features, like a difficulty slider.


When Quantum TV made his take, I'm not sure if he meant that all games needed to be made accessible to all, or if all games needed to be made for all. It's important to distinct those not just because they mean different things, but because one I strongly agree with, and the other I really don't.


Accessibility features I'd say do need to be included in games now, there's no excuse for it. Allow people under more difficult circumstances to enjoy thier games, I don't think that's asking for much. I also see no reason any game (with some expectations like interactive narratives and some platformers) should omit a difficulty option. It doesn't take the challenge away and lets people who are more into for exploration and the storytelling experience to enjoy the game thier own way, and that's fair.


What I don NOT agree with though is that every game should be made for everyone. You can't make a DOOM game that's meant to appeal to Candy Crush players, not should Square Enix make a Final Fantasy game to appeal to Call of Duty fans. Likewise, From Software, despite everything I've said, should not make thier games for me. Thier games are not my thing, and that's fine, they should do exactly what they do and make thier games for thier fans. I don't know what one of those applies to how Quantum TV feels if either of them, but moving on.


How anyone, including Quantum TV, feels about Elden Ring is not the issue, it the insanity that has come in the wake of the video that's the real problem. Several Youtubers found Quantum TV's review of Elden Ring and disagreed with it, many making thier own videos reviewing the review, so to speak, offering how they feel about his take. On the odd chance Quantum TV is reading this, welcome to the internet. People are gonna have a take and an opinion on what you say and they're within thier right to do so. If woke the morning after your review to find most people disagree with you, then too bad. What you do not have the right to do is abuse the copyright system to try and remove videos critiquing your video. Even if they were, let's say, "harsh", you pull you balls out of the cabinet, strap them on and behave like a man and deal with it. You do not abuse the copyright system just because your precious feelings were hurt. Those videos obviously completely fall under fair use. 


It doesn't end there, though. Well known game reviewer The Act Man was one such Youtuber who had a take. Not only did Quantum TV try to get his video removed, Quantum TV called his mother to claim his son was being mean. I know what he was trying to do because this has happened before and it was hilarious, but this isn't the same thing. This was funny when Alanah Pearce told the mother of a 13 year old who sent her explicit, sexist, misogynistic messages what her son was doing, it's just petty when you tell the mother of a grown-ass man he didn't like your opinion on Elden Ring. An already frustrated The Act Man who had been doxed not long before then did something that, we all have to agree, was a bit stupid. He put out satirical, jokey tweets about doxing YouTube staff and harassing people, and YouTube demonetised his channel. The also supported a claim that there was something sexual in one of his videos where he put up a pic of a cucumber near Quantum TV's mouth as some sort of joke, which is bullshit.


Whilst all this is going, no action is being taken again Quantum TV over various violations of YouTube TOS's like the aforementioned abuse of the copyright system (YouTube themselves acknowledged that the videos claimed were fair use) avoiding bans, doxing, harassment as well as Quantum TV's now deleted social media with a history of racist and horrendously homophobic comments that were liked on his YouTube channel, but no. The Act Man get's his YouTube Channel demonetized over a sarcastic doxing tweet an a cucumber near some guys mouth, whilst Quantum TV tweets he wishes death on the LGBTQ community, harasses people, actually doxes people and abuses the copyright system, yet nothing is done.


The snowball is already rolling. Philip DeFranco has already interviewed The Act Man on his channel and it's only a matter of time before this story get's the attention of the mainstream media who HATE YouTube. When they do, they'll show how a childish, extremely homophobic bully who abuses YouTube's own copyright system to harass and silence people he disagrees is allowed to do what he wants on the platform whilst innocent creators get penalised for nothing. Especially given that it's pride month, advertisers will very likely stat pulling out of YouTube and thus could well trigger another adpocalypse. And all of it to tend the ego a slimly little prick who reviews TV's.


This has got to stop. YouTube for thier own sake need to take appropriate action here to avoid this from happening. Pleas, check out YouTube and you will find videos from the likes of ReviwTechUSA, Boogie2988, SomeOridinaryGamers, Optimus and many others who have been covering this story better than I have and can offer the facts in more detail. There's too many videos for me to cover here, just go to YouTube and look up the keywords to find out more.



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Youtube in recent years has been a toxic dump full of drama and it's usually the action of a few toxic individuals that inadvertently affects the rest of the ecosystem. On the other hand, I'm curious to see how Youtube handles this because they have a long history of trying to "sweep everything under the rug".

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