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Unpopular Opinion: The 3D effect for the 3DS was pretty cool

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4 hours ago, Yaramaki said:

Never posted in this thread either, tought i did but apperently i didn't, man what kind a phrase is that haha.

Best feature about the 3ds no doubt is the backwards compatibility with original ds games. 

I agree with the original poster the 3d effect was cool if it is used well and added something extra to the game. Games like starfox 64 and both zelda n64 games used to the 3d effect to an extend that it made them a complete new experiences. Nintendo should have extended upon this and remade more n64 games for the 3ds.

My favourite game that used the 3d effect really well would be Ridge racer 3d, maybe is it because it was a launch and blew my away at the time or the fact it's the only racing game other then Mario Kart 7 that is worthy of playing. But still a lot of nintendo first party tried to sell the 3d gimmick really well, but ultimatly it failed to stay relevant, granted that 3d tv's were also in decline at the time it's not suprise.  

Posted my top 10 3ds games with my toughts here in case you're interested in that.

Overall i switched between 3d and 2d every so often, because the 3d effect caused me a lot of eyestrain especially when being fatigued.

The 3ds has in my oppinion one of the most diverse gaming libraries, every genre imaginable is covered especially if you're into more niche genres you are in for a thread. Got around 175ish games for it myself and someday i tend to start a japanese 3ds collection. 

The backwards compatibility was a big seller for the 3DS. Even though it was a slow start, I think people eventually knew the 3DS would be the future for them and so they finally moved along to it. Having backwards compatibility I think, helped sell that handheld even more. 

And for me, it the 3D effects didn't bug me much, but there were a couple times where I was like I'm tired of the 3D and I just want to see a 2D screen for now. I wish I owned a 3DS myself. I want to take advantage of the amount of games that came on the DS & the 3DS. So many great games I'm missing out on for sure. On top of that, I should eventually get a GB SP so I can also collect GB, GBC, and GBA games. 

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