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  1. Yes it has become an industry standard following the release of the 9th gen consoles.
  2. Mainly action games though, I can't really speak on games like TLOU2 or GOT since I don't play them. You had so many masterpiece gems like Ghostrunner, DOOM Eternal, Devil May Cry V: Special Edition, Hades and Streets of Rage 4 that came out that year. Id even say Godfall was pretty decent, as much as people like to bash that game on the internet.
  3. I couldnt really figure what my favourite game was until Ghostrunner came along in 2020 and decided for me.
  4. If you're neglecting real life duties because of it.
  5. It has brought a lot of people into gaming i'd imagine. Other than that I dont think it had that big of a lasting impact on the industry. Most of the influence COVID had on the gaming industry were temporary and were reversed when the pandemic ended in 2022, like the shortage of next gen consoles and the constant delays in the 2020-2022 period.
  6. 2020: Popular I disliked - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Unpopular I liked - Godfall 2021: Popular I disliked - Tales of Arise Unpopular I liked - Deathloop 2022: Popular I disliked - Horizon Forbidden West Unpopular I liked - Shadow Warrior 3 2023: Popular I disliked - Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Unpopular I liked - Forspoken
  7. Generally, I am not really a fan of this art style. Mainly as I would rather see the proportions and facial expressions of the characters in the game as well as the sense of scale of the world or levels. You don't have a clear picture of what the surroundings and how events play out in detail. I also think it doesn't look too appealing aesthetically, which is only natural since this style is about emulating the blocky, less colourful look of retro games. However, I cannot deny that there are a few instances of pixel art style visuals which look very easy on the eyes such as Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy.
  8. Hack n Slash, 2D Fighting games are my most favourite. I also like JRPGs, Arena Shooters and Roguelikes.
  9. You definitely should. I know it gets tiresome near the end with ultima and his primo-genesis shenanigans but the finale is absolutely bonkers! You won't regret it. FF7 rebirth definitely looks like an improvement from remake since its not on rails anymore. But I will be getting granblue fantasy relink instead which launches the same month.
  10. I am cycling between Rogue Legacy 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles DE at the moment. RL2 is a lot of fun albeit very repetitive. I just started XCDE and its sort of a mixed bag so far.
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