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  1. Yes. Fun game but don't expect a good plot out of it. There's also lots of minigame segments in the main campaign.
  2. Lol. Yeah people will look at us like cavemen with their hologram laptops or something.
  3. Nope, i've also played Sifu, Shadow Warrior 3, Ghostwire Tokyo, DnF Duel, Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 this year. I just found it to be a very underwhelming sequel. The gameplay feels like a step back in various ways(hard to explain fully) and half of the plot is just cauldron fetch quests. Also doesn't really have the same wow factor the first game does, it doesn't do anything to up the scale. Should have been built from the ground up on next gen.
  4. I usually prefer to confront those feelings alone
  5. Trick or Treat, Quentin Tarantino is obsessed with feet.
  6. There's no puzzles, the game is completely straightforward. You just beat dungeons back to back until the bosses. No exploration. The bosses are hard but it gradually gets easier the more experience you get with each run and the more darkness you collect which gives you permanent buffs. My advice is to max life as much as possible, max out death defiance(permanent buff which revies you after you die), just use the spear and spam melee poke from a distance. If possible get the upgrade which gives you three stabs rather than run and the rapid fire stab upgrade which takes away the spin attack and slap a good elemental boon on it and you're set. I beat the game in 15 tries with this method.
  7. After only a month as well
  8. Indeed. It started to feel like it was calming down late 2021-early 2022 then BOOM Russia-Ukraine war followed by the economy going to shit again. This decade really is the gift that keeps on giving...
  9. Game and eat lots of junk food.
  10. You might like it then since the combat mechanics are very straightforward. The strategy/RPG elements start off very simple too but very slowly and gradually become more complex as you keep gaining new powers and modifiers each level. I find it hard to fully break down why I love this game but it feels like the high focus on progression, customability and micromanagement. The gameplay loop is you beat one of the dungeon levels, you then get shown the doors to two or three different levels with the prize(which gives you a specific resource for example gold which lets you buy stuff at shops, darkness which is a permanent resource you can save up to unlock permanent power ups, boons which power up your weapon, etc) for beating the level being showed at the top of the door. I also like that it's procedurally generated(levels are randomised) so that doing multiple runs doesn't get tedious. It's just all around a brilliant game and is an absolute steal for £20($25 if you live in the US).
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