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  1. Well yeah, it all depends on the game sometimes the general difficulty is skewed towards either being too hard or too easy so you would have to choose the difficulty harder or easier than the one you'd usually choose. But I just meant I go on the regular "hard" mode as a general rule.
  2. I was playing shin megami tensei v tuesday morning and this boss had killed my whole team besides the nahobino(the one fighter in my team of 4 which had to stay alive or else it would be game over). The boss got my HP to like 24/300 as well after using his omagatoki(the limit break type system for this game) attacks on me. Then I had omagatoki bar ready so I just about managed to finish him off in 2 turns with it.
  3. My favourite is this. I didn't even like it much at first because it was "less hype" than the first intro in Arifureta but it really grew on me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5PzdJvk_5M
  4. And by retro, i'm not talking about just age. I mean will it look so dated in the future that we will look at it then like how we look at say 5th gen consoles like the PS1 and N64 now? I think it is possible but only if there is a massive generational shift which instantly dates the hell out of previous gens. Like when we hit real life graphics at 120fps norm, AI based gaming becomes a thing and UIs have instant speed for everything.
  5. I typically go for the "Hard" but not "Very Hard" or "Hardest" difficulty. The one that is a step above the average difficulty.
  6. If we aren't counting portables then out of the controllers I have used I would say the wii remote controller.
  7. Xbox One since I already have a PS4 and Switch. Xbox One has some tempting exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct and Halo. Probably better than Sony's exclusives tbh I don't like the cinematic route they're going in.
  8. Yikes. Try a different game on it like astro playroom.
  9. Mine would easily be the Ardyn DLC for FFXV with no close contenders. I absolutely loved every second of it and it made me appreciate Ardyn more as a character and villain.
  10. What games do you feel have some good attributes(like storytelling, gameplay, visuals for example) but as a whole experience fall flat for whatever reason? I would say FF7 R. There's a lot to like about it. IMO It has probably the best combat in the series, the story is controversial but it is a nice twist on FF7's plot and the soundtrack and visuals are great. However it feels so bloated since its a 10 hour disc stretched out into a 40 hour game and theres lots of interactive loading sections like squeezing through debris, both of which make the game feel like a slog a lot of the time. I would also say FE:3H. There are some nice attributes about it like monster fights, weapon designs, the plot and the OST. But the overall experience always gets boring after a while and I had to keep taking long breaks to get back into it. Maybe it's the setting and graphically ugly looking church school hub world. I also don't like divine pulse much since it completely coddles you as you can just hit the undo button if you fuck up which takes away the tension/stakes and weapon skills felt easily abusable.
  11. Music otherwise I would probably feel bored.
  12. What games tend to really suck you into it and before you know it hours have passed? I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei V and it feels a lot like this with the way the world is designed. There's so many collectibles and quests scattered everywhere, probably the most i've seen in a video game. There are also "Amalgram" collectibles which are very valuable. You have to do a lot of grinding and a lot of decision making(like which moves to give to a demon or which fusion to work towards) so even if you only clear through one area it can take hours. In general lots of JRPGs suck you into it and keeps you going for several hours on end, sometimes almost like 10 hours.
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