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Have you played on a school esports team?

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9 hours ago, Kane99 said:

Same, I graduated in 2008, so I didn't get to experience all this esports stuff that's going on today. I mean, there was tournaments and stuff around the world, but never anything close to me. I played some of the PS2 back in the day online, sadly I got online too late, as I had the 360 for a few years. Reason I tried PS2 online was because my 360 died its 4th of 5th time, and I needed to do some gaming, so I decided to try PS2 online for the first time. Ended up playing WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 I think it was. 

These days consoles even have tournaments you can sometimes join. It's becoming a lot more mainstream. 


I played a ton of one of the earlier Smackdown games (just before they became Smackdown vs RAW) in online competition, but never checked the leaderboards. Always been a game I wanted to take a top spot on to be honest (maybe next game). The one I play was either Here Comes the Pain (4), or one of the just prior PS2 Rock themed games.


If you are still interested in playing in e-sports like you claimed in another thread, you are young enough still, but there's alot of really young people. Alot of the best players in some fields are around 30 or so; sometimes in their 40's. So if you're considering it, nows the time!

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18 hours ago, ForwardSlashDownPoke said:

Fighting game tournaments were around when you were younger, as well as when I was, but I only learned about them in retrospect and they involved like 12 people playing at a super high level and just deciding who broke the game in the best possible way with crazy fast in game mechanics.


Street Fighter 2 tournaments have been around since I think the primordial soup days of humanity.

I always imagined something like a  fighter game tournament existed because we usually organized ours (just a few kid in the neighborhood who come together and play streetfighter and mortal Kombat to know who is better at it).

We did this on PC back then and it was a lot of fun the price only included a larger ego and more bragging rights among your peers. LOL

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