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  1. You wouldn't even be able to keep track of how time flies and when it's eventually time for a change you think "isn't it too early" been like that since and I only realized that 7 years has passed since the release of the windows 10.
  2. Mario been mentioned a lot here though I stopped playing with Mario kart double dash I haven't really paid close attention to it afterwards. I think there was a time when fans of Mario kart games was talking a lot about Mario kart 8 and even the more recent Mario kart live : home circuit is said to be atleast slightly above average.
  3. I have fallen asleep once while playing the Sims simulator, not like it was boring but I was way too tired and maybe the game just helped me to drift off to sleep slowly.
  4. I haven't used the VR headset since it became a thing and I feel like I am the only one left out . Lol Is there anyone else here who is yet to game with the VR headset or maybe you are willing to try it out but you just haven't gotten the opportunity to?
  5. That's my point exactly. I could still see more features added to stray maybe in a sequel or a remake of this game.
  6. Mario kart- I think the last of Mario kart game's I played is Mario kart: double dash. I am considering getting back into it maybe with Mario kart 8 deluxe.
  7. Call of duty : vanguard
  8. Ronaldo leaving real Madrid for Manchester United has to be the worst money oriented move he has ever made in his career, though he got better pay but that has put his career in jeopardy and might force him early into retirement.
  9. That's good, content creation is fun anyways and you shouldn't knock yourself out trying to promote your channel. If you are meant for this I think people will naturally gravitate towards you. Just work on making better contents with good key words and you would scale up from there.
  10. Have you tried to do any major video converting with vidmate? I once tried it with a video I found on YouTube and I really didn't get a hang of it though, but I was able to successfully move the video to my device from YouTube.
  11. Haha, just another hit and miss move for the platform. I didn't get to see the video before it was taken down but I can't help but imagine how hilarious it would have looked though.
  12. Clasher


    If they try to imitate fortnite In terms of their microtransactions and they make their characters a lot more cheaper to get I think many wouldn't bother much about it and still play it. I just don't want them making it such a sucker by adding numerous microtransactions atleast paying for characters would be okay.
  13. That's true. Welly interest in Mario kart has been triggered by this thread I am considering getting back with Mario kart 8. Would you suggest I go for Mario kart 8 deluxe instead since you mentioned you've played Mario kart 8.
  14. Sorry for the mix up, I had a few YouTube channel saved in clip board so I could easily paste and search for their videos on YouTube. Maybe I clicked the wrong name it's supposed to be game grumps. Here is the video.
  15. Over here there are quite a good number of centers and gaming hubs where you could easily go and play with a VR headset though the price varies depending on which place you are patronising. I haven't even considered getting a VR headset yet but Maybe with time I would take it into consideration.
  16. I think Gmail app Comes with every Android device though I can't say same for IOS devices, I have been using Gmail for as long as I can remember, though I Started with Yahoo mail and it just slowly went out of fashion. I still see Hotmail users pop up here and there in my email inbox and I think people still fancy it either ways. As long as it enables me to save passwords, send mails and do other emailing tasks I am okay with it.
  17. Well, we are in a rollercoaster of change and everything is under it's influence, technology needs to be updated regularly to remain relevant and I perfectly understand that. Maybe its almost time we move on and have a much better system software juts like how 5G is Rapidly replacing 4G.
  18. My mobile phone has a high resolution and I could adjust the text to suit whatever way I want and that pretty serves me well in terms of reading or even some minor writing I would want to do. My PC is there for major things like video editing, contents writing , copy writing, gaming or whatever function that requires a much bigger screen and wider keyboard. Tablets are a good tool and if it serves the purpose you need them for it's perfectly understandable.
  19. I have used HP longer and it pretty much does most of what I need, but if you want a super gaming laptop you could go for Asus, As they seem to be more built for gaming and various programming functions.
  20. Since I am just starting out I felt I should just try out my hands with canva. I have been watching several videos on video editing and soon enough I would be well grounded using adobe premiere .
  21. Windows 10 still works well and doesn't lag so I don't really see a need to upgrade. I would rather buy a pc that Comes with the windows 11 than upgrading my current windows 10 system.
  22. Windows 10 is still working as much as it is supposed to, Maybe Microsoft should reconsider their move as there are still people using Windows 7 and windows 8. So what would be the faith of those system software.
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