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Playstation is being sued

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An update of this Story. The man spearheading this lawsuit hosted an AMA on Reddit, and it went about was well as you would expect.


People were poking the obvious holes in the suit and even questioning the very motives behind it, some going as far to call this a scam. And as discussed earlier in the thread, there are some questions than need answering. Why are they singling out Sony and the 30% commission they charge when it's pretty much the standard thought the industry? Why even use that as evidence of Sony ripping off the customer when that's charged to the publishers/developers who sell the games? Where is the money you win from the lawsuit actually going to go?


Some people even asked how they could opted out a claimant as anyone who bought something on the PlayStation Store from 19th August 2016 onwards is automatically included as a claimant in this suit. Alex's answers were also often vague, evasive and sometimes avoided the questions completely. Remember, these are the people will get a pay-out that cloud be as high as £562 (around $650) if he wins, and it's these same people tearing him a new one. That's how ill conceived and dumb this lawsuit is.


A vid from RTU that summarises what happened. Also check this article form Eurogamer he sights as a source.



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SomeOrdinaryGamers (Mutahar) made an insightful video a while back touching on this, and he did a great job explaining how the prices of both Sony games and digital games are indeed inconsistent as you could buy physical copies of said games for a cheaper price on Amazon. As someone who doesn't care much about the fate of billion-dollar corporations like Sony and Microsoft, I'm inclined to agree with him, especially since I've always been supportive of physical games. If Sony does lose the lawsuit (which is unlikely, as Mutahar points out in the video), if the industry standard is affected and digital games aren't as prevalent anymore (again, unlikely), then all the better for me, because all other companies would be affected too, from Valve to Microsoft. But again, it's no big deal to me whom wins this lawsuit. I've got the popcorn and I'm here to watch the s***storm.

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