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Hockey Fans: Will the Detroit Red Wings ever get good again??

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Anybody here into NHL Hockey? My brother got me into it back in the late 90's.

When The Detroit Red Wings were always playing for The Cup and usually winning it.

What happened? 😬😯

Now we can't even make it into the Finals. It's sad, because I just keep remembering how awesome the Wings were.

Any thoughts on this? What is it we need - new coach? New strategy? New players?

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As a massive Red Wings fan, I can answer some of this.

We lost both Lidstrom and Datsyuk to retirement, which means we lost two of our absolute best players. The year after they retired was the first season in 25 years that we didn't make the playoffs. Then we lost Zetterburg to injury. Also there were a bunch of bullshit trades and contract sales, so we lost others of our best like Howard. So our goalies aren't the best, and we don't have any power players at the moment. If we could get someone like Toews signed then we would be on the path of rebuilding our empire. But as it sits, our roster isn't looking good. We just need to draft some beasts on the ice. Buy a few contracts also. If we can get some masters, then we would have a shot at another cup. But as it sits right now, we're not going to be going to the finals any time soon.

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I have noticed this in all sports that a team doesn't always stay at the top all of their career and at a time they begin to manifest a much lesser performance different from what they were known for.

There's is always the probability of getting back in shape and form maybe by  changing the coach or getting a new player to fill the missing spots in the team.

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