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Scientists develop model that adjusts videogame difficulty based on player emotions

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The article doesn't really explain how it would work. I think a better approach is what AC Valhalla has done in their difficulty options: Adjust difficulty, damage taken, damage given, parry response time, AI reaction, time being pursued, aiming, and there is probably more I'm not remembering. I wouldn't want an auto emotion adjustment if I'm trying new weapons and start getting whipped. Then they make it easier while I switch to better weapons and abilities expecting the challenge when it's now gone. Isn't that part of the challenge to use proper gear and abilities? It would decrease your strategy skills. Unless you are in rampage mode and the emotion detector says, well let's give em blood then. That would be cool. But what if you are trying to lose the cops and emotion detector says nuh uh bad boy, were gonna get you. We are the law MF. 

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