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Favorite Halloween song

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Monster Mash, the Halloween theme song for pretty much all of them (same creepy piano music).. and then there's that one that goes something like.. 🎶 cuz every day is Hallowee-ee-ee-een..🎶 .. ..and I dress this way just to keep 'em at bay cuz every day is Halloweeeen..

You guys know that one? ^^

What's your favorite Halloween song? 🎃 Best one played at parties? 🥳

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Seasonal music is pointless. A shitty song with a halloween theme is just as shitty on Halloween as it is on every other day of the year. Likewise good song with a halloween theme is a good song and with listening to whenever. It's the same with Christmas music. However, this music useally falls on the shitty side because the concept is creatively inept  Such music is made to lazily grab airtime year on year.


Not to mention I'm a metalhead, so listen to music thematic to themes one would associate with Halloween all the time anyway, expect it's good music.

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