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The Blackangel

Anyone else have pigs?

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I'm not talking about farm hogs. @Rain Dew and I recently got 2 Juliana pigs. They never get much bigger than a common piglet on a farm, and they're nuts. We have a pink one and a black & white one. The pink one is mine and the black & white one is @Rain Dew's pig. I named mine Bacon, and to stick with that, she named hers Bits. So we have Bacon Bits. The draw back as a whole is that the little bastards can produce one hell of a stink. The drawback of them individually, is that Bacon is SKITTISH AS HELL. Bits is laid back, isn't panicky, and likes being held. Bacon is the exact opposite. I still want another hedgy (different kind of hog...) but between the pigs, dogs, rats, and bird, there's no way we could afford the cost of taking care of one at the moment.

So does anyone else have pigs?

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Nope but there's a farmer who lives like 45 minutes away from me. One of his cows, Mertle has struck up a friendship with me and my dogs after I freed her when she got her tail tangled in some bushes while taking my dogs for a walk. Mind you, I live some distance from that there so I was shocked to see her turn up at my gate and she won't stop mooing until I come out and pet her. Cows are extremely intelligent animals but they crap all over the place...

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