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Can video games be a good distraction when going through a traumatic time in your life?? :(

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The comic you posted up there shows why people seem to choose games as an avenue to escape the problems of the real world. When we are going through tough times we want to hear comforting and soothing words. Words like “you are amazing, you are doing well, good job, fantastic…” But rarely get them (maybe the opposite even) so we seek them in games. 

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This may or may work, depending on the individual. On the one hand, distraction during difficult times is very helpful. But at the same time, isolating oneself is no good for anybody. 

My suggestion would be to try and get out and surround yourself with others as much as possible. But during those times when you aren't working and aren't hanging out but are home alone, then having a good game to help distract you can prove very beneficial.

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When you're looking at temporarily working, yes, it's possible that video games can provide a healthy distraction during difficult times of traumatic experience. This can last for as long as you keep playing without being stopped. But the question is how long will you keep playing to feel better? If the real cause of your traumatic experience isn't addressed, the problem will never go away. 

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