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Skyblivion: Elder Scrolls Oblivion remaster by voluntary modding group to be added into Skyrim!!!

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This sounds pretty amazing and something I see being a wave of the future of gaming. A volunteer based modding community TESRenewal is working on a major project called Skyblivion that will add the entirety of the game ES Oblivion, map and quests, into the Skyrim and Skyrim SE versions. They say it won't be released for a couple of years, maybe 2025 and looks to be for PC only. This is something very unique and I think it may spur more communities to get involved with mods of older games to integrate into newer sequels. Wow!!!! They are also looking for volunteers who have development skills. I'm sure this is very exciting for fans of the series. 







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This has been in the works for a while. I first heard about it a few years ago and I was (and still) really exited for it. I love Oblivion, I really do, it's story especially, but I have real issues with the balance of the game and it's terrible levelling system. Skyrim's mechanics in Oblivion sounds like a match made in heaven. I wish I had something to contribute to this project, by my skills in this field are less than zero. This is a great project and I can't wait to see it realised.

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SkyOblivion was always a Skyrim Mod project that's been in the works for AGES! If I'm not mistaken, SkyOblivion was announced around 2016 thereabout - possibly earlier and we've been getting gradual updates ever since including a rework of the whole thing. This and Apotheosis are the major Skyrim mods I'm looking forward to along with Beyond Skyrim further expansion. 

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