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What is your biggest gaming hot take?

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32 minutes ago, Hainced said:

I totally agree with you! Cyberpunk 2077 has its fair share of issues, but I also loved the game overall. The world, lore, characters, and gameplay are all fantastic. And you're right, the love interest storyline felt so genuine and emotionally engaging. Playing it on a well-equipped PS5 definitely enhanced the experience. It's a remarkable game that left a lasting impression on me too! 🎮💙


19 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

I'm on the fence about CP2077. I see so many ranting about the game, then almost as many raving about the game. I would say it's not my kind of game, but I also said that about westerns prior to playing RDR2. It's a well known fact around here that I'm obsessed with the game and at this point have an encyclopedic knowledge on RDR2.

That said, from the videos I've watched on YouTube, it does look like a fun game, and could possibly expand my interests even further than they already are, the same way RDR2 did. I have yet to buy any games of that genre, but I no longer say a game isn't for me without playing it. With the exception of online gaming, but that's for another discussion.


By the way, welcome to the forum! Hope to see you around!


Like @The Blackangel said welcome to the forum.


CP2077 is a good game now that it has been patched, but I'm personally slow to forgive CDPR for how it launched. And no, it's not because the game launched in such a horrible state after being delayed serval times (Although that certainly doesn't help), it's more about how dishonest CDPR were throughout the whole fiasco. They announced the release date at E3 almost a year before that original release date to rake in those pre-orders long before they could have had any idea when the game would actually be finished, and even when they did release it, they knew it was still far from finished. Thier solution? Try and cover it up, of course! No review codes for console (whare the game was barely even playable), a ridiculously restrictive review embargo that, amongst other things, forbade anyone from using thier own captured game footage. THAT is what is really bothered me about CP2077.

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Sonic 06 isn't the worst Sonic game, that title goes to Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric or even Sonic Jam on the Gamecom. Those still count, I don't care if they were "spin off" titles and not main titles, they're still way worse. I never had 06 make my Xbox 360 freeze unlike Rise of Lyric which made my Wii U freeze once. Generation 4 of Pokemon is the worst generation, going by the main games. Sure Platinum fixed the issues that Diamond and Pearl had, but I got Diamond back in 2008 and I was super disappointed with the game. It was the first Pokemon game I couldn't finish, I caught Dialga and put the game on my shelf and never really picked it up since. Lastly Sonic is and will always be better than Mario, yes I said it! Most game critics are too harsh on a lot of the Sonic titles, and IGN sucks. They gave a perfect score to Sonic Pocket Adventure when it's far from the best game in the series, it's basically a rehash of Sonic 2 from the Mega Drive on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. (And Sonic 2 isn't the best game in the series, Sonic 3 and Knuckles is.)

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