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Trump gets 3rd indictment for his role on Jan 6!!!! Traitor trump traitor trump traitor trump!!! He's going to prison-orange skin orange suit

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Today Trump got his third indictment in Washington D.C. and the prosecutors has also identified 6 co-conspirators who aided in Trump's traitorous scandal. He has 4 federal charges:

1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States

2) Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding

3) Obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding

4) Conspiracy against rights

Trump now has 34 felony counts in Manhattan for violating campaign finance laws to pay hush money to a prostitute, 40 felony counts in Florida for taking classified documents, lying about it, and then obstructing the investigation, and 4 felony counts in D.C. for his role in the coup attempt on Jan 6 2021. That is a total of 78 felony counts. There is also a prosecutor in Georgia who is about to indict Trump for his 4th indictment on racketeering charges for computer trespass (illegally copying data from voting machines) and influencing witnesses which could include how he tried to get the secretary of state in Georgia to somehow miraculously find more votes for Trump. 

On top of that, Michigan has now criminally charged 16 republicans for their fake electors plot. There were several states involved with the fake electors plot and those republicans in others states are now being investigated for their role trying to stage a coup. All 16 republicans in Michigan are charged with 8 felony counts:

1) Conspiracy to commit forgery

2) Forgery

3) Forgery

4) Conspiracy to commit uttering and publishing

5) Uttering and publishing

6) Conspiracy to commit election law forgery

7) Election law forgery

😎 Election law forgery

These fake electors from multiple states all tried to disenfranchise voters and their true representative by creating fake electors and trying to get vice president Mike Pence to sign off on it which would have overturned the entire election and given it to Trump. Luckily Pence refused and probably saved himself a prison sentence. 

This is going to be very crazy in the USA the coming years. These traitors are straight up fascists who are sociopaths and could care less about this country or anybody's rights. They are here for one purpose, to destroy democracy and force a dictatorship Nazi Germany style. That's who they are. Several Proud Boys members and Oath keepers members, who are far right street thugs, gang members, and fascist militias, have already plead guilty to seditious conspiracy for their role on Jan 6 2021 and now will go to prison. 

Trump's charges in Florida, taking classified documents, no doubt will get obstructed by the judge handling his case. Trump appointed Judge Cannon himself when he was president and she is a Trump loyalist who has already made herself look incompetent and partisan. She no doubt is going to do whatever she can to let Trump walk free. Judge Cannon has already moved the court to a MAGA dominant county in Florida so no doubt his jury will all be Trump supporters. We can expect Judge Cannon to block witnesses, toss charges, and obstruct. Luckily, his other charges are in cities Trump had little influence in judges like Manhattan and DC. 

Even if Trump is found guilty and went to prison, he can still run for president and even be president in the USA. Strangely, in some states felons can't vote but they can be president? The irony. And republicans in congress are actively abusing their powers to try and obstruct Trump's charges. They have attacked the Manhattan prosecutor. They are trying to defund Jack Smith who is the prosecutor for Trump's classified documents and Jan 6 charges. And republicans in Georgia are trying to eliminate the prosecutor there to protect Trump from new charges soon to be coming. And of course Trump himself will do what he does and incite violence and say it's all election interference. Blah blah blah. This will stand the test of time, the test of the justice system in the good ol USA. If republicans succeed in obstructing all of these indictments, then the USA will officially be a banana republic. 



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Did you really expect anything else? Of course he’s going out of his way to intimidate anyone on the prosecutor’s side. He has most likely put a hit on them, which would explain his rotating door of lawyers leaving him. They don’t want to get their own felony charges themselves, so they abandon ship. And the prosecutors that are on the case right now as I’m typing this aren’t the first prosecutors to take up the case. Also, anyone who thinks he’ll face trial is unfortunately deluding themselves. He won’t be here. He’s going to run away to Russia (or possibly NK) like the little bitch coward that he is. He’ll find one of his Nazi lackeys with a pilot’s license to fly him out of the country. Plus a couple to lick his balls and serve him like slaves on the trip. And whatever country he chooses is going to be a nonextradition country. Or one that he happily drops to his knees, the way he does for Putin. We all know Putin won’t return him to America. Don’t forget that he said he was “in love” with Kimmy. Ivanka will be happy he left the country. She might get an actual break from him raping her.

Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this, but it’s the most likely scenario from what I’m seeing.

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Trump just went to court and plead not guilty and the magistrate that day warned trump to not make any threats as part of his terms while he awaits trial and Trump verbally agreed to those terms. The very next day Trump posted on his Truth Social:


This is a clear threat to everybody. Now that Trump violated his stay out of jail card to await trial, it is up to the court to decide what to do about this blatant threat. Is the court going to hold Trump in contempt? Give him a gag order? The court even has the right to make Trump sit in jail or even house arrest while he awaits trial. Will the court hold Trump to any accountability? After that threat, the proctors asked for an order that would prevent Trump from sharing any information to the public because that info that's going to be given to him and his lawyers has the names of witnesses and others involved that Trump could directly attack by announcing their names. And you bet he will do just that. The court needs to take extraordinary measures here. Trump needs to be treated as a mob boss. It's his intention to incite violence against everybody including the judge, jury, prosecutors, witnesses, everything in between. He said it!!! “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Anybody else awaiting trial says some shit like that, they will be thrown in the slammer to wait trial.

On top of all this, Trump's charges in Manhattan took a turn for the worse against Trump because Trump was supposed to hold onto documents to be used as evidence and now Trump has supposedly destroyed those documents he was supposed to keep. Now he could possibly get new charges against him for 'spoliation of evidence.' That most likely will even be used against him in the judges decision as it increases his guilt. 

And this isn't the first time Trump destroyed evidence. His charges for taking classified documents, Trump asked employees to destroy video surveillance that was needed and now Trump got 3 more obstruction charges for it. 

This guy is a criminal through and through. He's going down hard. And he will bring down the republican party with him. And the republicans still are protecting this guy. The other presidential candidates aren't even trying to go against Trump except maybe one candidate, Chris Christie. All the others aren't even running for president, they are hoping to be Trump's Vice President or hoping to be a part of his administration. Because why wouldn't you capitalize on this opportunity to benefit your own presidential campaign??? Shit, even DeSantis is now running on a campaign where he has stated if he becomes president he's going to "slit throats!" WTF? Presidential candidate is running a campaign how he wants to slit throats of Americans? And Trump is running a campaign how he wants retribution and to punish Americans and he's gonna "come after you." 

What the fuck is wrong with these republicans? They don't care about being a president for all Americans. They want to be president to punish Americans. Do you think their fascist obsession will ever end? Do you think that one day it will all stop or they will ever be satisfied? No. Hell no. Not ever. These republican presidential candidates and republicans in congress are going to lead this country into a genocide if they get their way. Because their obsession won't ever be satisfied. They can't just one day stop and say that's enough. Not when their entire campaign is to punish the American people. 


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Don't forget that he had been ripping up classified documents and flushing them down the toilet in the White House. Plumbers were called in to deal with the blockages, and that's how that one came to light.

It'll never be enough for them until we're all enslaved. Democrats will be labeled enemies of the state. The Democratic party will be illegal. It's "fall in line with what we want or be ready to serve time like North Koreans". It would probably result in executions for some. We're under direct threat from the entire right wing. It's no longer safe out there. I had a sign in my front yard that said "Stop the war on women's rights" and some chickenshit stole it. So I'm going to put one out there calling the pussy out. If he wants to fuck with someone, try taking me on. He'll regret being born in his last few moments.

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