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The Blackangel

Canada issues U.S. travel advisory for the LGBTQ+ community

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It's pretty much expected now for other countries to issue travel advisories to the USA for LGBTQ safety. The thing is, republicans are stupid, especially in the state of Florida where they rely on tourism. Florida's Disney is their greatest revenue for the state and look how DeSantis has attacked Disney. Disney has now stopped development plans in the state causing Florida to lose a $1 billion investment. Florida's Disney has also decreased in tourism. There are literally Nazis now, all dressed up with their symbols and flags, armed with guns, protesting at Disney, you know, a supposedly family friendly place. And this all started because Disney spoke out against the governor's anti LGBTQ bills. Let the republicans ruin themselves. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community has to take the brunt of their fascist attacks.

It was all a hoax how republicans wanted to ban books they say is porn. They have went beyond that now and are banning books from black and Hispanic authors, they banned a book of poems from a young black girl who read her poem at Biden's inauguration. And republicans are banning tens of thousands of digital books at public libraries so even adults can't read them. They are taking the first amendment right away by doing that. They are banning inclusivity in schools, colleges, and businesses. The supreme court has now allowed segregation by letting businesses refuse service to gays. And we already know that's gonna spread to all minority groups getting their service denied. That is segregation in 2020's America. Texas passed a bill to force all classrooms in every school in the state to hang a big poster of the religious 10 commandments, while banning rainbows. 

Republicans are crying about the nude statue David from a Renaissance art class, calling it porn. Are republicans gonna ban the Creation of Adam painting? Are they gonna ban the bible? But what does this have to do with LGBTQ? Well it started with banning books they say have LGBTQ content in it, then they cry about porn, then they are now attacking famous Renaissance art, and foods like pink poptarts, and movies at the theatre. Hey video games are next on the banning shit. Just watch. God damn fanatics. Some old bitch on a school board snuck into the school library without permission, in the dark, using a phone flashlight to spy on all the school's library books. And she would turn off security lights that would turn on. She got busted! Crazy psychos. My God. Then she was complaining that she found books that had violence in it. Cmon. WTF. You see, their fascist obsession won't stop. It will get worse and worse if they aren't put in their place. It's an obsession!!!!!

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@Rain Dew and I never leave the house anymore. Unless we have to. We both carry, and when we have to go to the grocery store, we shop separately. We pretend not to know each other. When it comes to that, we're all in extreme danger just for going to the store. She and I have become reclusive so as not to draw any attention. I keep a shotgun by the door, and have several weapons in a gun safe. We're six shades of fucked for the crime of existing. At some point, some republiKKKLanazi is going to propose a bill that will charge all people of the LGBTQ+ community a tax on the air we breathe. And It won't stop there, as those who are allies that stand with us will have to pay the tax as well. Cis and heterosexual people will be exempt from the tax.

I just wonder how many cans of air we will be allowed at a time.

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