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Think the Xbox Series S will be able to handle playing GTA VI?

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GTA VI isn't coming out until 2025, so we still have a while to wait. There's been some concerns though about whether or not the game will play fine on a Series S console. It should be fine for the PS5 and Series X, but do you think it'll have any issues running on the series s like some people seem to think? I've been considering picking up the cheaper S model console, but if there is any chance it won't play good enough, I need to consider picking up a series X just to be on the safe side. Or get a PS5 and just be done with it lol. 

Are you at all worried if you own a Series S only? 

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I had heard that there were some concerns as to whether the game would play on the Series S which is a shame for those who chose to go for the cheaper upgrade as that is all they felt they needed. 

I supposed with it being a few years away almost before we see a release, more details will emerge and it will give gamers time to upgrade if they need to.

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I have a feeling that they'll optimize the game enough for those to have a good experience even on the Series S. Sure the specs are a bit weaker than the Series X, however I'm sure the devs are working on the game with the weaker hardware in mind. If they can't get things right when it does release, there's always going to be patches down the road too.

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