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Rockstar should remaster their first few GTA top-down titles

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It's surprising to me how much Rockstar has forgotten about their original GTA games that featured a top-down perspective. They did it again with Chinatown Wars, but that's really been it since. I'm surprised we haven't gotten a remaster of the original games. I think fans would love it, and it would bring attention to what started GTA on the mega popularity it is at today. And without those initial games, we might not have ever had GTA as we know it today.

With that being said, do you think a remaster or remake of the classic GTA titles would work? I'd love to see Grand Theft Auto and its expansion packs (London 1969 and London 1961) as well as GTA 2. I hear the GBA version was also top-down so maybe GTA Advance as well. 

I doubt Rockstar would bother to make this a reality, but I think fans would buy it up. And I imagine it'd be a lot easier to do than what they did with the recent remaster trilogy. What do you think?

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I'm not a fan of the first two GTA titles myself, however it would be nice to see a remaster of these old games to show the younger generation that this is how the GTA series started all those years ago. Plus they could bring in newer fans, you never know. There's plenty of people who enjoyed those titles, I bet there's even a few rare fans who prefer them to the 3D sandbox style we got after GTA III came out. We keep getting remasters of old titles, this would be the perfect time for this to happen.

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