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Do you own all peripherals for one console?

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It's not easy to own every peripheral for a console, especially from consoles back in the 80s and 90s, because there was often so many different peripherals released, that it's hard to keep track of. From expansions, to peripherals, are there any consoles you own that you have every peripheral for? I wish I had every peripheral for the Sega Genes, N64, SNES, and NES especially, including any extensions that connect to it. Are there any consoles in your collection that you own pretty much everything for it? 

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If there's any console I would love to own all the peripherals for it would be the Sega Genesis, but like you mentioned it's going to be impossible to own them all since there were so many third party peripherals being released and these days some of them are considered rare and valuable. So if I was even to find them, they would be super expensive to purchase. I think the one I want the most that I don't own is the Sega Activator, it's a giant controller that you place on the floor and use your feet to control your games. I'm sure it doesn't work that well, but it looks cool.

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