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Do you sign up to services like Gamepass and PS Plus and never use it?

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Are there times where you subscribe for a month of Xbox Game Pass or PS plus and don't bother to download and play many games? I find I do this sometimes when I get gamepass ultimate through Xbox. I will play a bit, and then go days or even a couple weeks not using the service. I know we can't be expected to game all the time, but there have been times where I would play a week tops and then forget I had gamepass the whole month, or I'm just not in the mood to game. Ever experience this? 

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I genuinely believe in a phycological tic with these steaming services whare you simply don't value the content they offer as much as stuff you have bought.


It's good to realize that you don't technically "own" any of the content in these services, but it sets one up perfectly for a trap. A trap that you're ready to relinquish basic buyers rights simply because it's digital, and we all have to stand up and say, "No. I bought this, I own it".


A recent topic from @Kane99 discussing how Spec Ops: The Line had been removed from digital storefronts indirectly illustrates the problem. When a game, movie or TV series gets removed from these services is one thing, but what if for some stupid reason it gets removed completely from digital sale?


Physical media isn't the solution. As mush as I support physical media the fact is it degrades, breaks and increaces in rarity over time.


That's what great about digital support. It's reliable and accessable. Steam and other digital storefonts can pleage support for delisted games all the want, but why believe a company that might not exist for all of our lifetimes? What if Steam suddenly ended?


And that's assuming the games even work with Steam active. Steam literaly sells games right now that literally don't work out the gate, not without workarounds and modifications. That's happend to me several times, I buy a game, that's been on steam for years, and it literally doesn't work.


But back to the point. That phycolgial tic is the bait for the hook. However, if somebody is irresponsible enough to buy into these services without making use of them, at least some the blame must land on themselfs. Whilst there is no doubt that these companies will happily exploit the ever increasing confusion of the sheer number and complexities of this nevstreaming world. People have to take responsibility for this shit on thier own.


However, none of that means you should indulge in every game, movie, TV show, musical piece or whatever just because you can and you paid for it. I doubt, for example,anyone plays enough games to exploit Gamepass to the point where they play literally everything the service has to offer, but if one gets what they value out of it, go nuts! If you don't, cancel it. Just make a contoius effort to pay for only what you want.

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I know how my gaming schedule looks like most times now and that's a very clear picture of when I'm to pay for any of these service subscription. When it's very obvious I wouldn't be able to get the value of what I'm paying for, I wouldn't be renewing my subscription for the month. 

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