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Nuketown is coming to Black Ops 4 tomorrow!

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8 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing all those deals btw. I may not be in America but some are indeed interesting 😛

Funnily enough, most deals I find are for the UK (as I’m based in Wales). I do try to appease our US audience with a few US deals, too, though.

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I was super excited to see this being released earlier this week, was curious to see what changes they had made and such to the map and how they had made it different to previous years. I will admit I am not liking it as much as I thought I would, the feel to the map doesn't feel like Nuketown at all, I understand they wanted to change it but I feel they changed it too much to the point of where now it's nothing like Nuketown was in a sense. It's also very difficult to move out of spawn on the map as well without being killed so I feel they may need to work on that a little if they can. Some people like the new Nuketown and others are not so keen. I feel this time I am on the not so keen list.

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I love Nuketown. Just being so familiar with the map makes it so great and I love the slight aesthetic changes that they have made to the map for Black Ops 4. I'm still not sure about Black Ops 4 really. I know that a lot of people have been complaining about some bugs and the inclusion of a lot of microtransactions which is why I have held back. I usually get one first-person shooter every year and I didn't get Battlefield because I don't like the WW2 setting so it was disappointing for me to not get BO4 as well.

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