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  1. In-ear earphones for me. I use Sennheiser earphones and honestly have never had a problem with them. These are the same earphones that I use myself for listening to music as well. I don't see the need for me to go out and get a special gaming headset because normal earphones work pretty well. They sound good and they don't offer any disadvantages over using some big headphones that will probably get uncomfortable after a while.
  2. I'll have to check my console and see. Honestly, I had to delete Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently because my PlayStation 4 wouldn't let me update some of the games I had due to a "lack of space". So I might have enough to try it out and see whether I like it or not. But like you said, Fortnite has been extremely fun so not really looking for a replacement for that. I can't wait for the Valentines content coming to Fortnite as well!
  3. This has never happened to me, and honestly, I could not imagine it ever happening to me. When I play games, it's because I'm not that tired and I would never play games for hours on end. So I would never be in a situation where I'm still playing games whilst I am extremely tired and sleepy. Plus, I don't think I could actually fall asleep on the chair that I sit on whilst gaming. It would be extremely uncomfortable lol
  4. Depends on whether my smartphone has been charged really. If my battery is fine then most of the time, I watch YouTube videos on my smartphone. But if the battery has run out or if it's charging then I'll watch on my laptop. But, that's quite rare since I don't really watch YouTube that much so most of the time, I have enough battery on my phone to watch YouTube.
  5. It depends on the individual I guess. There are several cases where people are genuinely addicted to gaming but it's not the case for a lot of people. Like you, I wouldn't say that I am a gaming addict either. I probably put aside 1-1.5 hours per day for gaming, and even then, it's only if I have time and don't have to do anything else. If I have other work or am tired, I won't game.
  6. Haven't played it yet either although it seems to be extremely popular right now. Whether I try it or not will solely depend on how much space I have right now on my PlayStation 4. I'm lacking in storage space and I really don't want to uninstall any of my current games to try this one out. Plus, I'm loving Fortnite right now and I just can't see myself playing two different Battle Royale based games at the same time.
  7. It depends what you're using to shoot them and where you are shooting them. I'm sure it's realistic although I can't say that with certainty because I've never done it in real life lol. If you use the Deadeye ability and shoot animals like bears and alligator in the spots coloured red, then most of the time, they will go down in just one shot.
  8. Several times with the Play Store. Personally, this is how it should work with the PlayStation store as well but I guess they don't want to add it because they want as much money as they can get. The Play Store lets you get a refund for any game, no matter what if you request it before an hour has passed after purchasing it. It's a great policy and ensures that you don't risk losing money for awful games on the market.
  9. Take your time. I don't want to say a lot regarding this because it's going to spoil things but for me, I would have preferred to take my time with the story and maybe explore everything else. I didn't want the game to be ruined so I slightly rushed it by just doing the main missions which I regret. I'm actually starting a second playthrough now so that I can go more slowly this time.
  10. I'm not a content creator but my younger sister makes a few videos for her YouTube channel. I believe she uses something called LoiLo Game Recorder or something along the lines of that. It's not the best really but it's free which is great for her. Plus, as you said, it's not great to have a watermark on the screen which LoiLo doesn't add so atleast it's good for that.
  11. 1) PlayStation 4 - This is what I game on almost all of the time. I love it ❤️ 2) Samsung Galaxy S8 - I only play Brawl Stars and Clash Royale on my phone. 3) Xbox 360 - I don't really use this at all anymore. However, I do from time to time play Grand Theft Auto 4 on it.
  12. I hate it but I pay it because the majority of the time, I play online. The thing is the one game that I play the most is Fortnite. That is available to be played online for free on PlayStation because of the fact that it is a free-to-play game and you don't need to pay for online for that. The problem for me is The Crew 2 which is online only so I have to have PS Plus to play that game. Honestly, if PS Plus wasn't for online gaming, the majority of people wouldn't pay for it.
  13. It depends on how I'm feeling and what the game is really. For example, with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or even Grand Theft Auto, I tend to not use the fast travel options that much (taxi in Grand Theft Auto V and the train/stage coach in Red Dead Redemption) because it's actually nice to go through the map slowly using either a horse or a car. But if I'm lazy or if the location is really far away, then I will definitely use the fast travel option.
  14. Unfortunately, it might be a bit too late for the Grand Theft Auto series. They've seen how well it works with Grand Theft Auto 5 so I can't imagine them doing too much different with the next instalment in the GTA series. The little kids with their parent's credit cards love the futuristic stuff and Rockstar are much more likely to listen to them than us. It's a shame really. GTA was one of my favourite game series' but I'm slowing losing interest in it.
  15. I haven't really used them much since they were added to the game. The only time I did use them in games was to get the challenge to use snowmen in a different match 3 times. I like the idea of them but they are quite obvious since there aren't as many snowmen around the map at the moment. Plus, I forgot that I can't switch weapons when I am a snowman so I end up losing the snowman ability lol
  16. You might be a few days late :P. The Ice Storm challenges are now over and it was great fun actually. There were two rewards that were available for completing the challenges as well, one was a wrap for weapons and vehicles when you complete around 6 of the challenges. And the other reward was a special glider for completing all the challenges. I managed to do all of them in time so managed to get both rewards.
  17. I hate EA as much as the next guy but that quote is slightly wrong. I believe the EA executive was talking about games where you follow a story, a sort of linear game. He didn't say that all single player games were dead, especially considering how popular open world based single player games are doing.
  18. Train Sim World on the PlayStation 4. It's a train simulator as you can guess from the name. It's not the most exciting game in the world and as with any simulator, DLC is quite expensive and adds very little other than trains and routes. But, it is quite relaxing and whenever I need to just chill out, this is the game I go for (and probably Crew 2) because you can just drive the train and watch the scenery :D
  19. I've noticed that Xbox has it much better with controllers, both in terms of price and the options available for it. Xbox controller either are cheap or are always on promotion which actually makes it extremely cheap. Maybe that's to do with having to use batteries for it and not having a rechargeable battery like the PS4 has. But it also has customisation for it and so many different designs which makes it so much appealing. With the PS4, we just have some plain colours.
  20. Grand Theft Auto Online is already a mess with flying cars and kids on motorbikes that seem to be able to fly and fire unlimited missiles that automatically lock on to you. I don't want to also then be targetted by modders on PC that are able to play with me on a console. It's great for some games but there are some that shouldn't even be touched for cross play support.
  21. I don't play for a long hours during each gaming session so I have never really experienced any headaches. I also wear glasses whilst gaming so no problems for me regards to that. However, there are times where I get headaches when playing certain games. For some reason, Fortnite Save the World and Far Cry 5 were the only games I had issues with for that.
  22. I've never had to replace a controller either. I have two controllers at the moment so that I don't have to play whilst charging my controller. There are times where I get frustrated with games, especially with FIFA but I have never thrown it or broken it lol. Don't think I could afford to keep breaking it
  23. That's without even taking their microtransactions into consideration. They tried to take everything that has been great about Fortnite but managed to incorporate it in the worst way. The game looks stupid with all these damn skins and weird face paints. I miss the good old days of COD. It's a shame because they had a chance to convince me to move over to COD again because BF was especially disappointing this year but they failed.
  24. Wait, there was an open world star wars game being worked on/planned? The worst thing that ever happened to the franchise was the license being given to EA really. Hopefully, Disney takes away the license from them but I seriously doubt that. I don't mind the game being planned for next gen since it's only a year or two away anyway so hopefully the game will be amazing (*fingers crossed*) on next gen.
  25. They really should have released the BR mode as a separate thing. I understand why they did it because there was no way people were going to buy Black Ops 4 for just multiplayer and zombies. But it just would have been so much better because I like it but could not justify the price tag. The multiplayer is meh and the lack of a story mode is awful. Zombies never interested me so that was never something I would try out.
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