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Martin Berisford

What's 'on top' in terms of gaming hardware?

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For me, I think the top console currently is the PlayStation (which pains me as someone who has stuck loyally to my XBOX One over the years) but it just seems to have improved from when I last had a PlayStation really. Especially in terms of exclusive titles for the system, makes me jealous!

I think PC gaming is still gaining some huge steam but the price of building a high-end machine is still out of reach for some. I'm trying to build a new system bit by bit currently but it's adding up! Great for the modding though, even to this day I sit here playing GTA SA modded and it's fun as when I was playing it normally all those years ago! 

What do you think? What's on top for you? 

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Playstation, and to a slightly lesser extent, Nintendo, are doing incredibly well. I can, however, see a resurgent Microsoft coming into the gaming ring next generation — they’re putting the right infrastructure in place to bounce back. 

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