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21 hours ago, killamch89 said:

Freeroms.com was a very good site a couple years ago because that is where I got my GBA emulator games up to a couple years ago but doing a quick check it seems that they are now labeled an unsafe site.

thanks for this you got any recommendations on certain games to try out? 

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20 hours ago, Alyxx said:


Been using this site for a while. They still have a fair amount of ROMs available, at least for Sega stuff.

yeah i just checked and most people have said its decent for ROMs going to give it a try and i'll let you know how it goes. My only issue is that i hope my laptop can handle it, it can't handle heavy duty games so i thought i'd go back to the old school ones instead. At least that way i'll be able to try out the games of yesteryear


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7 minutes ago, Alyxx said:

Some recommendations to check out:

Zero Tolerance
Alisia Dragoon
The Lion King
Rocket Knight Adventures
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Thunder Force IV
Super Thunder Blade
Galaxy Force 2
Phantasy Star II

See now I went on the website and i managed to download one game but thats where i'm having difficulty. So the download appears, i then extract the files, but it doesn't make the file that i can use the play the game. If that makes sense? @Alyxx

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