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Gaming emulators

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If you are on Windows, then some of the emulators work with the DOSBOX. And they need to be run under the compatibility mode. You can use them in Windows 10. I think it can be pretty effective if you can get any emulator that can work under Windows 10. But as of now most of the ones that I have tried are running only with the DOSBOX. In such case it can be worth downloading DOSBOX. 

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30 minutes ago, JoyFreak said:

One of my friends recommended a Pokemon emulator on the iOS. Seems bit difficult to play as I prefer the DS. I remember the free gaming emulators for the GameBoy. Man, those days were amazing 😄

Do you still have to jailbreak your iOS device to use the emulators though? I've always felt like that's a lot of trouble just for that lol. But I'm lazy. 

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For those who want to make use of the Android emulators on PC, I think bluestacks is one option, though not that actively developed. There is MeMu and Ko Player that you can use for the PC based emulators. Remix OS is dead project now but it used to allow playing android games on any PC. So that was a good option which is now eliminated. I guess there are other lesser emulators that can be used in VMWare too. 

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