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Your Favorite Android Game?

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I have played a lot of android games and I personally find it harder to like any specific game. You may consider that as lack of decisiveness. But that being said, if you play regular games on android, what are some of your favorite games? And which games do you prefer to download?

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On 6/29/2019 at 12:50 AM, skyfire said:

It seems to be pretty big for my Android game. And the size of the game is pretty high. I wanted to try out other games but most of them are kind of high in size that limited me. 

What kind of device do you have and how much memory?

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21 hours ago, Aerielle del Rosario said:

I have this secret folder where it contained a lot of otome games 😂 then a folder for MOBA games like Vainglory...

What are otome games? It's the first time I have ever heard of them...

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