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The Blackangel


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in this game you call blasphemy on someone for something they said or did in relation to gaming. If they haven't played a certain game, or weren't a fan of a certain game/system, or anything else as long as it's something to do with gaming. Then you give them something to do as penance. It doesn't have to be X amount of hail whatever. It can be anything. Think something like asking questions in the member interviews section. And they don't have the choice of not doing or answering it. But nothing crazy. No 5 million hail Skyrim. If you go that route keep it under 50.

So lets get it started!

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8 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I’ve never played Skyrim. You could call blasphemy on that. Then as penance you would ask me virtually anything or make me say “Hail Skyrim” 50 times. Whatever you want. Or if I said there was a game I hated, you could call blasphemy on that. Whatever you want. 

Alright cool

Well Lets start: Say "Hail Skyrim" 10 times

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