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If you are looking for what to play on Quarantine.

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Update 2.0.275. Windmill, alcohol, combat system, coocking, and more!

This update adds a wooden windmill, the ability to brew alcoholic drinks, and other improvements and fixes.

New features:

- You can now craft alcohol. Brew different types of beer and other drinks! The more you drink, your drunkenness will increase, this will affect your character with effects and messages of drunks.
- With the appearance of alcoholic beverages also comes the new buildings: Wooden mill, Fermentation barrel that they will allow you to process the needed materials.
- Added the ability to create Sugar from Sugar Syrup. And sugar syrup is now obtained by evaporating beets/honey in a cauldron.
- 1 sapling is now used for planting grapes, pears, apples,
- New crops for cultivation. Fruit trees, strawberries, beets, cabbage, onions, garlic, peas, grapes will become available

Improved cooking:

- Medium and high-level food will become more in demand and valuable, some of the recipes and effects been reworked, new ones will appear, including “hidden” recipes (dishes that can only be cooked by experimenting). New coocking tools: Butcher cleavers and wooden rolling pins added.

Improvement of the combat system

Stage 1. Adding the role of the Tank: skill “Heavy shields”, improvement aggro, and the effect “In battle” - which prohibits removing/putting on a heavy shield and armor during a battle.

Now, in addition to the Provocation ability, Heavy Shield Strike will also increase the desire to attack you. Ability descriptions now display the numerical value of threat points depending on the skill level.

Tanks now do slightly less damage.

Shields are now divided into light and heavy (both the items themselves and the skills for their possession). Added new active and passive abilities to both skills. Blocking melee and ranged attacks are now separate stats.

Reworked the aggression system for mobs. The "Provocation" active ability has been added to the Heavy Shields skill. Players can now provoke a target on themselves by acting as tanks. The effectiveness of the ability depends on the level of the Heavy Shields skill. Dealing high damage can also cause a mob to change its target.

Plan to release the next major update on April
15thWhat will be included in this update?


Dungeons for solo players. Small dungeons with randomly generated rooms, enemies and loot to make it more interesting to replay. You can only enter the dungeon alone.

We are planning to make two types of dungeons:

Resource mines. Dungeons of a few rooms, where in addition to not challenging mobs, you will be able to mine iron and other resources. The entrance to such dungeons will be in one place all the time.

These are the dungeons we will add to the game earlier.

Dungeons to explore. The entrance will appear in a random place in the world of the game. Dungeons are sometimes large and sometimes small. With new opponents, bosses, diaries, stories, and random loot. These dungeons will be more varied - sometimes it will be a difficult challenge, and sometimes just a small basement with an interesting story.

These dungeons will be added at a later date and maybe not included in this update.

Dungeon difficulty levels. Several difficulty levels for all dungeons, including solo ones. Before entering, you choose the difficulty yourself. The harder it is, the better the rewards and the higher the levels of enemies.

A tool for reporting offenders. If you meet an offender in the game world or in the chat, you can easily inform us about him by selecting the appropriate category: “Cheats/Using bugs”, “Bot program”, “Real money trading”, “Insults, excessive abuse”. This will help to better counteract violators and apply penalties.

Also, anvils and several other buildings and tools, dancing (woo-hoo!), bug fixes, additional packs rewards, sound effects and other changes will be added.

The auction will appear in the game in the next update (late April - early May). Development of the Auction will take a long time, so we decided to focus on adding new content first.

Thanks so much for the helps and support. We hope these changes will give you back the desire to play and enjoy more the game content, while adding much more than planned to be added to the game.

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It's been a while since last updates, but now its time to bring you up to date with the latest advances in Wild Terra 2 Online.

Plague Isle is now available for exploration, now you can explore new territories, get valuable resources, fighting a lot of new monsters.


- Added a Port City to the northeast of the Continent. You need to build a ship to sail to the Plague Isle, and from the Port City and further, we can sail to different destinations to new lands.
- Recipes for building ships of three tiers. Ships differ in cargo and player capacity.


What's new:

- New solo randomly-generated dungeon. The entrance to it can be found in the Dark Forest and Swamp Marsh.
- New tameable pets: black wolf, bat (can be found chopping trees on Plague Island), as well as three types of spiders.
- Godsends can now be found in locations on Plague Island.
- Large trees, deposits and monsters can be found in the Dark Forest and Swamp Marsh.


Throwing grenades (7 types with different effects), in buildings you can now see the recipes and fuel available for this, also added new ingredients, recipes and buildings.


- Daily quests. Boards with daily quests and requests from local residents will be installed on the main continent near the tavern, in the central city, and near the mountain region (separated by difficulty level), as well as in the village of survivors on Plague Island. Choose your favorite tasks, skip the rest, and the locals will definitely reward you!
- New abilities for Swords, Axe, Maces, and Farming skills.


For the coming update:

º Animal breeding.
º A complete change to the beginning of the game. The game will have a new plotline, the story and tasks will be presented through characters, new locations and updated quest chains will be added. Improvements and fixes related to balance, dungeons, bonuses, various quality of life improvements.


Livestock will be needed to breed animals and obtain various food and resources. They can be settled in chicken coops, various pens and houses. Will be added, for example, chicken, cow, pig and others. It will be impossible to summon and increase their level.

Livestock will have a number of parameters: gender, dominance, maturity, quality, as well as unique perks. The parameters will affect both the receipt of resources and the breeding of offspring (depending on the combination of the parameters of the parents).

The new skill Animal Husbandry will be used to raise and use livestock. As well as other skills, as the level increases, Animal Husbandry will give the owner various bonuses and abilities.

Breeding Pets
It will be possible to get offspring not only from Livestock, but also from Pets. Leaving two different-sex individuals of the same species alone in the paddock, you can get a new pet, the abilities of which will depend on the parents (the chance of getting the ability that the parents had is higher). Perhaps we will also add new, additional perks that cubs will be able to receive.

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We have rules on VGR that forbid people posting purely for the sake of promotional purposes on VGR without permission. We left this thread be @rootstereo because;


  1. You genuinely engaged with people on the forum.
  2. This thread has been in existence since before the current policy on promotional posts came into place, so it wouldn't have been fair to penalise you over that.


However, it appears we have a bit of a problem. Yes, you did engage with people on this forum, but you have only posted on this one thread about your game, so this is not a genuine attempt to contribute to the community, you are just using the forum to peddle this game and nothing more. Like I said, it's not your fault that this is technically in violation of our policy as the thread is older than that policy, but it's also true that until today you had not posted on VGR for over a year. You think you can just come back after such a long time just to bump this thread and that's it? Sorry, but no.


That's why I'm locking this thread. This no longer constitutes as a genuine contribution to this community. Don't take this the wrong way, I think I speak for the VGR community when I wish you the very best of luck with the game.

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