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Halo Infinite Delayed

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First, I'm going to go back to something I said in a thread about Cyberpunk 2077 being delayed.



To polish and improve the game so it's 100% complete is the right reason to delay any game, but this is starting to get a bit ridiculous. This is why developers/publishers shouldn't announce release dates so early. Any number of things can happen between those announcements and said release dates. There has to be a point where gamers need to stop forgiving developers/publishers for these delays and start asking them if they knew it wouldn't be ready in time, why did you make that announcement and start taking pre-orders a so may long ago? For me, that time is now.


Now, what I say there still applies, but it's a little different this time because I'm convinced this delay would not have happened if wasn't for Halo Infinite's poor showing at the XBox showcase with some less than impressive visuals. I'm glad the game had been delayed because it clearly needs work, but this means no XBox brand exclusive will launch with the XBSX console now. It would take one hell of an argument to convince me that the usual development problems would be enough to convince Microsoft to make this choice. I'm not wearing a tin foil hat, I'm just saying that if the public response to the gameplay demo at the showcase wasn't as negative as it was, I doubt this delay would have happened. I think they would have released it with the  plasters stuck to it then fixed it as time went on. That is pretty much the plan for the game anyway, to continuously update and add to it over the years. That's why it called Halo "Infinite".

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