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Nintendo DS 208,482,etc... games in a cartridge

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Did any of you guys get this if you had a Nintendo DS. I think it was pretty cool (like ages ago) when I got one from a friend. 

Pretty much endless fun on the DS as the games library was massive and all stored in 1 cartridge. 

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I had a few of these types of games. Wasn't much of a fan of them, as each cartridge based console gets these types of games. The majority of them are likely cheaply made games with some popular games mixed in. A lot of the popular games may be hacked roms as well. Usually the total is fabricated, and the list may repeat after a while, or they start to title games like "Super Mario Bros 7,8,9,10" or "Contra 5" or random game titles. Usually they're just repeats of the same games, but hacked with different sprites and stuff. 

But, sometimes there are some good games among the bunch that are worth playing. 


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