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A New Super Mario Bros. 3 Might be on the way

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According to What If Gaming, a New Super Mario Bros. 3 may be on the way. Someone saw that a listing for the game was on the Nintendo shop, but didn't have a thumbnail. Could this mean a new game in the New Super Mario series is on the way?  

What are you hoping from a NSMB3 game? I kind of hope they mix it up and include some graphical nods to SMB3. Since it's the 3rd in that series, I'd like to see some nods to it. 

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I'm curious what a remake/remaster would look like, but I most likely would avoid it. I have the remake of Link's Awakening, and it just takes a piece of my soul to play it. Original games like that, I have to play on the original system. I have played Link's Awakening on Game Boy for decades. I'm going to stick with playing it that way. I'm sure a redone SMB3 will be no different.

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