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  1. I don't know what to say either. Haven't heard much about the hurricane in Florida, but I'm sure the rich will get better boats out of it. And to think that DeSantis voted against hurricane relief for New York and New Jersey for hurricane Sandy, but expects aid for Florida. Of course, republicans love to politicize natural disasters. Maybe DeSantis is distracting from something. Is it from the hurricane response? Well, DeSantis has been engaging in an all out culture war before the hurricane. He began all this during the Covid crisis. At one point Florida had the most cases and deaths in the whole country because he refused to comply with mandates and messed up all the schools and hospitals. He had government Covid funds to be used for hospitals, and while people were dying in the hospitals at max capacity, DeSantis still did not utilize the Covid funds to try and save their lives. Instead, he used those funds to write a freebie check of $450 to Floridians as a voter bribe. That free check is fucking blood money. There is an investigation where he also used Covid funds to bus migrants to Martha's Vineyard. And even now, DeSantis wants to investigate Fauci, who republicans obviously hate. Dr. Fauci is a modern day Galileo who went to prison for saying the Earth revolves around the sun and christians couldn't handle the science. While at the same time DeSantis obstructed Covid data to the public. I don't think his culture war is a distraction. I believe it is all out fascism. Fascism ideology itself is one big distraction while all your rights get taken away. Here is a list of things DeSantis has done in Florida. After looking at this list, any sane person will agree what the motives are, which is fascist authoritarianism. Fascist I say? Yes. This is what it is and what DeSantis has done: 1) Racist gerrymandering and voter suppression 2) Anti riot bill with selective enforcement aimed towards liberal protestors with harsh punishments and it legalizes the terrorist act of ploughing your vehicle into protestors blocking the street. This bill has even caused concern for the United Nations saying that the bill violates human rights. 3) Don't say gay bill bans any talk of gender or sexual orientation in schools 4) Ban gender affirming care for trans under 18 5) Ban businesses from choosing what they can invest in; they can no longer invest in anything woke such as the environment. DeSantis also abused his power to attack Disney for speaking out against him. He even wants the House republicans to investigate a cable company for making it's own business decision to no longer air Newsmax on the cable channels. Yes, DeSantis wants congress to investigate why a cable company has the freedom to make its own business decisions. WTF..... 6) Ban African American studies; ban discussion of anything related to racism, slavery, segregation, civil rights etc. At the same time DeSantis displays hypocrisy by forcing all schools to teach about victims of communism in the classroom. Why not victims of slavery, racism, or segregation, or even fascism??? Clearly racist hypocrisy. 7) Ban books including Math books. Teachers now can get a 5 year prison sentence for having an unapproved book. 😎 Ban DEI in universities which is diversity, equity, and inclusivity. A proposed bill to ban any course, discussion, or anything related to diversity, equity, or inclusivity. Professors can now be sued for anything and tenure is banned. DeSantis has eliminated all liberal education board members and installed his own ideological lackeys to enforce white washing of education. University staff and students now have surveys that ask all about your personal political ideologies. 9) A bill is now heading to the supreme court forcing what social media can or can't do. A ban on social media being able to ban or suspend people no matter what and allow anyone to sue social media. 10) Ban abortions 11) DeSantis unconstitutionally got rid of a judge for opposing DeSantis and determined to be unconstitutional by the court and still the constitution was too weak to allow the judge to get his job back. 12) DeSantis claims he has executive privilege to keep public records secret and executive privilege is not in Florida's constitution. I'm probably leaving a bunch of stuff out. These are some pretty big issues that we do not need from anyone who wants to represent America. Attacking women, gays, trans, education, universities, elections, independent businesses, ethnicities, protesting rights, and on and on is clearly fascism. Republicans want a dictatorship. And why? All of this distraction to please a racist base and lose rights to please a bigoted base distracts us from their agenda of a dictatorship. Who is indoctrinating who? Democrats are not abusing the laws of government to ban books or block discussion of history or what courses you can take in college. That is the difference in that republicans are abusing the laws of government for their cheap racist and religious ideologies. Republicans entered very dangerous ground. They are a morally broken society. And they are bouncing from Trump and going with someone who they believe would give them a better chance at a dictatorship. Yes, this all sounds extreme and that's because it is. Look at this list. This isn't behavior or legislation from someone who respects our constitution and civil rights.
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