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    Gaming these days is full of loot boxes and micro-transactions. It seems most games need them these days, and I don't understand why. The whole point of games, is to unlock stuff, and gain more stuff as you go along. Yeah some games may still do this, but I hate it when loot boxes and micro-transactions are needed to get anywhere in game. Sometimes games force you to grind and grind just to get to a point, but you can pay $1 or more to increase your stats, or a "gold" lootbox with a possible chance of getting a special item. It's gambling as well when it comes down to it. What do you guys think? I'm not a fan of them. If it's just for cosmetics purposes, sure whatever, but if it gives people an edge in the game, I don't agree with it. Maybe single player only for that at the very least.
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    Here's the specs.
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    Of course. Watching let's plays doesn't provide me with the same experience as playing the game myself, but it's an added factor which helps me with my purchasing decision. Even if I dislike the game, I'll watch the gameplay because I'm a fan of their channel.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I'm Felix. I'm a Gamer and also trying to be a streamer. I love to play Strategy Games and RPG Games. Currently I'm playing Dota2 and some games on PS4 Console. Nice to meet Everyone here. See you around.
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    upgrading my gpu

    Both Nvidea and AMD are releasing new models in a couple of months. Just wait a little longer.
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    What console are you buying day one?

    Same. I usually never buy consoles on Day 1. Usually because there are glitches with them and waiting for the upgraded console.
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    Sounds cool I will try to watch your channel when I have time. Are you going to be playing retro sports games too? That would be fun.
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    Hi there.

    Hi, my username is Haven. I am a graphic designer, streamer, and overall a lover of all things video-games. I found this site while looking around for an active video-game forum and I am excited to be a part of VGR! 😎 Hope to make some friends!
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    China is a communist country lol. US companies have always (and will always) be banned from China Anyways this is a great decision by Trump and I think Democrats would agree. TikTok should not be allowed in the US as long as it is owned by a Chinese company. 1. Our data is being sold to the Chinese government 2. China doesn't allow US companies in their country. Why should we permit theirs in our country? What's fair is fair.
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    I would change for NHL games that you can have the option to use any jersey from the teams past. Sometimes they have only a select few jerseys you can use from that teams history.
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    You made good points @johnlink. But if you go back to the original Game Boy, and count through every Nintendo hand held up to the Switch, they have only consistently gotten more powerful and better. I could easily be completely wrong, but until I know differently, I still think Nintendo is going to focus more on the portable market. The PSP and PS Vita never did all that well, and Xbox never released any kind of handheld, so they would essentially have a monopoly on the market. For the time being anyway.
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    Social Media and Gaming?

    Nonsense! I have a Facebook and Twitter I use often enough and it hasn't affected my mental health at all.
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    Great review! 🙂 I watched a play through of it myself, and I thought the story was decent. Nothing spectacular by any means, but it wasn't as bad as fans were making it out to be. I am not a big fan of Abby though, and the reason why would probably be a big spoiler, so I can't say it here. you guys should add spoiler tags to the forum, so we can talk in more detail about the game/story here.
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    VGR Member of the Month - July 2020

    Congrats @Shagger! Points awarded.
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    Ask Hardcoregamer

    First off, welcome to the forums. You said you work in the gaming industry, if you don't mind my asking what do you do?
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    https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/mustafa-mahmoud/switch-sales-more-than-double-in-2020-as-all-consoles-sales-increase/ Yeah... I'm gonna say no on that one.
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