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  1. Maybe I'm being a little touchy here, but are these users on Neoseeker just being sarcastic? Who in their right mind wants a third person shooter remake of RE anyway? OK. This isn't even the right thread. But it's amazing how people just defend everything Capcom or Konami does. https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/70225/t2396645-to-yourself-was-overrated/ I can tell they're glazing over Capcom. Because that's what glazers do. They will always ask Capcom for more remakes, KNOWING they already messed up with the last two remakes. Like, what is going to miraculously change? https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/18/t2396622-who-honestly-cares-about-that-resident-evil-series-on-netflix/ Nothing will change. That's what. They're going to remake the game, but more than likely filter out much of what was in the original. There is even a guy on a RE forum I use called Biohaze, who defends Capcom all the time. The dude even bashes the first remake from 2002 for a little difference here and there, in regards to the original and that version. Yet with the remake of 2, Capcom basically altered just about everything. But I never see the guy mentioning any of that stuff. Not once. It's madness. Or... something. Maybe they're just plain up nuts. I really don't know anymore. But I don't see the point in acknowledging these glazers. You know? Because if you do that on forums or YouTube, or Discord, it hurts their precious feelings. And I bet they never even supported the old games. You can certainly tell by how they respond. They're as bad as the fans of the WWE games by 2K. They're being released broken every year, but they still think that there's somehow going to be hope for 2K. So after 6 or 7 games of disasterous glitches, to the point where EA is said to be replacing 2K next year, how is there any shred of hope left? It's crazy to me how these sheep just don't learn from the past failures. They believe in false gods. I even posted a video to point out that Capcom copies other games. Because if you show the evidence right there and then, that's undeniable proof. Yet they just ignore what you're saying, because they know that they have no valid argument. A brick wall is more intelligent than these people are. It's even more useful, too. A well made brick wall keeps the warmth inside.
  2. When they delayed the DLC for RE7 about 5 years ago, they came out and offered an apology. It ended up being a wait of 9 months in total to receive the DLC they advertised, but we had other packs beforehand to tide us over. This content is obviously taken longer, but they should have attempted to inform fans of their progression by now, especially with the 26th anniversary. Not the 25th anniversary, as I mistakenly referred to it as. I heard about this fan game. https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3708378/fan-game-resident-evil-the-arklay-chronicles-released-trailer/
  3. It's just that I seldom ever play games. But when you play music, it relaxes you. Provided it's music you like. If it's repetitive trance music or something, it's not fun. It's obnoxious.
  4. I tried to record a video on YouTube using some screen recording tool, and whenever you play any video, it's as loud as hell because they removed the volume control feature. How stupid. But anyway... You cannot get any traction on YouTube anymore. You basically have to follow other people to blend in, or be noticed. Forget about making yourself fast cash. You need 500 subs to be considered for that privilege, and a long while back, it was 1000 followers you needed to achieve this, which is impossible for those who are clueless about creating content to begin with. Also, a lot of the videos have a terrible resolution with a bad connection. Like i.e. YouTubers gotta kiss ass first. It's a pointless platform nowadays, aimed at the corporate shills. You are subjected to nothing but ads up the butt every 3 seconds as well. This platform used to be about you just being you, but I sense that it's about fakery now for the publicity to be gained. Now it's basically a business site for professionals. My videos don't even seem to be showing up in searches, because I reckon they buried me. But I told you that they perceive you speaking your mind as one being a hater. I told you that's the reality of it all. The Internet is dead!
  5. I have to say yes, because I am more into tunes than I am with gaming. I take my phone with me all of the time to listen to music. But I think prior to 2003, gaming mattered more to myself than any music I love today.
  6. Even a £20 Android TV box is way better. Seriously. Every page freezes like crazy. It's a bore. 😛
  7. Yes. It's a gimmick. And all gimmicks are fads.
  8. Resident Evil will never die. Capcom will just remake the games all over again. 😅
  9. Even this guy got sick of the waiting and the guessing game, and he was just as keen as I was to know about the release schedule. I suggest you go subscribe to him.
  10. All we can do is wait for Crapcom to reveal something this summer. 😑
  11. Hell yeah! 😎 https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/the-last-of-us-part-2-ps5-ps4-new-games-release-report/
  12. And some of you were right. Nothing happened. They didn't say much at all. https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/sp/en/anniversary-message.html
  13. Eldincy on YouTube said that Capcom has a special update planned for today.
  14. Does anyone know what time Capcom is posting their message today?
  15. It's like a full-time job for me. I think some people care. Many don't even want to know. But if you're honest, that's all that should matter. 😊
  16. They're probably going to give us something about Lady Dimitrescu. You know? There's a lot of simps who took a liking to her during the promotional days, but she was actually in very little of the base game. So they could work a prequel story around her. Or maybe it will concern the villagers. I'm actually amazed that nobody knew about the whereabouts of that place. Like, you mean to tell me nobody seen that castle and the shacks from flying overhead. It's just a pretty ridiculous concept. Because in the older games, scientists used a lab hidden beneath the city to mask their experiments, and they crowdfunded all of this via their pharmaceutical supplies through commercial advertising. The story in RE8 and even RE4 and 5 makes no sense at all. They just wanted to be different by not basing the plot in a city any longer. They didn't want to be accused of doing the same thing again and again, so they didn't really think about how these bizarre changes would come across as unusual. Because any real fan knows this stuff is just too weird.
  17. Some say that Steam provides clues by updating the names of files. Often when this occurs, something is nearing its release schedule.
  18. Well, I think we could finally be getting that long awaited DLC news, at some point tomorrow. Capcom has something lined up, at least.
  19. I think Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is probably their only great RE related game from the last 15 or so years.
  20. Yeah, it's astonishing how fanboys on the Internet still defend Capcom after looking at proof, like this. They don't care. I do understand it, to an extent. Sometimes people like things just too much not to see the bad side of a company. But it really has cheapened their legacy. Why copy things if they know people will notice this? In general, I don't find the games today are good regardless. They seem to always be in too much of a hurry to crank out more games, so they just throw in a story that makes little sense, and that's something I think is gradually getting worse. To be honest, that's the whole point of their RE Engine. It's become a cheese manufacturing factory. Cheaply made games. But... oh yeah. People say they're loaded with cash over there.
  21. I uploaded this video... Do you agree that Capcom copies stuff? Beware, though. I forgot to turn down the sound on YouTube. So be wary of it being loud. But anyway, I provided a degree of evidence about how Capcom rips off other games.
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