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  1. Over time, we have brought many different tools to identify the IQ levels but all remain either biased or inconclusive, mainly because we cant have even a broad consensus on the exact definition of genius. Marks, skills and talents are just the starting point and as centuries turn, we bring out new talents that needs to be accomodated. The term common sense makes sense because its not so common.
  2. I would love to see MarioKart multiplayer race on mobile. Or is it already on phone? Multiplayers are hard to manage on phone and make it seamless but few developers get them right.
  3. Wow. That looks very different from the conventional way the game was developed and designed all these years. In emerald ruby versions, Ash used to walk in straight lines through all the landscape and not even have the flexibility to do anything else. This changes much of that and I am totally in love with the way the interface has been designed. Kudos.
  4. What are some of the worst game adaptations that you have come across? I think, in my opinion, it is Harry Potter games. EA gaming seems to have not done any justice to the way the movie or the book goes. Despite the huge number of possibilities the game makers could have exploited, nothing in the game is reflective of that magical environment. What do you think?
  5. I have no idea what happened to cyberpunk. It was supposed to be released by September 2020 but the data breach around that time delayed the release. I am not a big fan of the idea, but all my friends are going crazy over it and I think playing cyberpunk 2077 with them is going to be amazing. Any idea whats happening?
  6. I am going to rant about the shortage of stickers to use on whatsapp. I found out, to my disgust, that most of the love, friendship, lgbt+ stickers on whatsapp are of low quality or not really well represented. There are a lot of stickermakers but I dont have the time to work it out. I am going to rant untill they release some nice stickers. Any pack recommendations, anyone?
  7. LG products are amazing. We have 5 television screens at our house and 3 of the most used ones are LG LED screen TVs. We bought them at around 4 years back and so far so good. The only time.we had an issue was with the screen and their people sent us a brand new replacement from Singapore at no extra cost at all. So, great service. I will be definitely entering the contest too. I can use the extra cash too.
  8. Gran Turismo! I loved competitive racing games (untill I foud out cop chase). However, before going to those amazing games mentioned by the others, I think its better if you take a good look at Mario Kart 😅. That was the most interesting competitive game that I had ever played in my life (and a lot of it depends upon your competitor also).
  9. I think a simple search on Google Scholar will point you in the right direction: https://scholar.google.co.in/scholar?q=games+influencing+child+behavior&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart If you feel that individual papers have to be quoted, I can do that too. Here is another perspective to look at: Media as a field is destined to change the way we think and do things, thats precisely why its made that way. If a certain film doesnt keep you thinking and guess, its no good. Every media, including games and films are made to influence you.
  10. I think I agree with the fact that video games and even movies and every other media bits influence us in ways we cannot fathom. Allow me to explain with a brief example. When I go to fairs in my locality, I notice that small kids are wanting laser guns and toys like swords. Gone are the days when children would want plastic kitchen set or even animal sets. A lot of studies prove my point too.
  11. To speak out of the scientific angle of things, parasite is an organism that lives off the nutrition it derives from another organism that has the capacity to produce food. In the strictest sense, earth is only a host and not an ORGANISM that can produce food for itself. But philosophically, yes, just like us, every other organism are parasites.
  12. Lord Saru

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Horizon Zero Dawn is coming on PC. Well, they released it somewhere in August. Its basically a PC version of their PS game and prepped up with some extra costumes and weapons and a digital album. Anyone playing this?
  13. Microsoft Flight Simulator, by the looks of it, is amazing! Whats special about is that they have used satelite imagery which has been adapted using AI. This means that if you have a VR headset, then you are off to a mind blowing experience. Here is a video of it: What are your thoughts?
  14. We all know that in the international stage, games like PubG are being utilized to collect information. Atleast those are the allegations. Recently, the Indian government banned PubG and a host of other games from Chineese developers citing security reasons. Are games being increasingly used a cyber espionage? What are your concerns?
  15. Now thats quite a game. I will try it out and see if it interests me.
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