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  1. It's not that I can't kill, it's just I feel so bad about doing it... Any animals in AC Odyssey I end up taming or knocking them out, solely because I can't bring myself to hurt them. It's ridiculous folks, THEY ARE MADE OF PIXELS. THEY AINT REAL.
  2. Sex in video games is fine, as long as it isn't just thrown in there to make us feel extra squirmish for no reason whatsoever. Some games handle it really well like The Witcher 3, but sometimes its just so unbearable I've just GOTTA skip the scenes.
  3. Bastion! It's super fun!
  4. I hope this means they'll take on as much Telltale staff as possible and hopefully help with giving them severance money.
  5. This is gonna get me killed but I absolutely despise motion controls. I am a lazy idiot and if a game requires me to stand up and move in ridiculous angles just to get the right position (i'm looking at YOU Breath of the Wild) then I'm not going to be a happy person.
  6. I would snack on Nuka Cola, Radroach and Mirelurk because in a world like Fallout I could care LESS about what I eat
  7. At the moment I think the most time I've spent on a game is Overwatch, with over 500 hours. But I play a LOT of RPGs, and I can easily spend about 100 hours in a game if I really invest myself.
  8. Unless it's a game I really, REALLY, 'oh my god I must HAVE IT' want, then definitely not. I'm poor and I can't afford to buy so many games.
  9. Is it really a game of Skyrim if you're not reading about the Lusty Argonian Maid? But in all seriousness, I find Skyrim's texts super boring at times so I never bother with them. Dragon Age and Mass Effect I do, because I'm more invested in their worlds. Assassins Creed too because I find history, even if its really inaccurate at times, rather interesting.
  10. I don't watch 'streams' but I love the regular 'let's plays' that I see on YouTube. I like the ones where they only talk after a cutscene happens or with gameplay. If someone's talking while something important is happening then I will RAGE lol.
  11. Banned for banning the banning of the banning of... the banning?
  12. I think nostalgia is a really blinding thing when it comes to video games. As you said, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm also under the opinion that relying too much on nostalgia ultimately leads to a lack of variety.
  13. Now let's be clear: I want opinions yes, but let's be respectful of one another. This kind of topic can lead to hateful messages, but I believe the VGR community are better than that. So let's start, what is your most controversial gaming opinion? I think mine is that I don't really understand the hype for BOTW. I enjoyed it a lot (still am) but I expected so much more considering it became everyone's GOTY.
  14. I think if you love narrative games enough then TellTale Games will always have an audience, even in spite of their aging engine. That said, I do agree with you all that after a while people are going to feel as though they are getting lazy and just simply don't want to develop the engine any longer. To put it bluntly: they are getting cocky and its biting them in the ass.
  15. I feel that. Have you heard of backloggery? That's what I use to store all the games that I need to play in one place.
  16. It's on PS3 and PSP, but damn if that isn't a good price for a well-loved game like Metal Gear.
  17. Aimee Hart


    I really love my PS2. I remember playing Final Fantasy X, Beyblade and Spyro on it when I was a little kid. I think I'd always been fascinated by games, but this console really sold them to me for life. I still think back fondly on everything I played and watched on that console.
  18. Looking forward to this as you can play with friends and I'd love for us all to have a game that we could play together.
  19. I've never played the previous games but it certainly looks fun, so I may give it a try!
  20. Whelp! I'm glad you reminded me because I had completely forgotten about September's PS Plus
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