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  1. The iPhone 12 is a great phone even in 2022. I’m still using the iPhone 11 but I plan to get the 14 Pro Max. Mostly because my iPad is slowly dying and having touch issues so I want to be able to replace it with something and my phone doesn’t have enough storage or a big enough screen to replace it. I plan to get the 256gb so I have plenty of storage (I have that on my iPad and don’t even use half and it is the 2017 model). I plan to keep the 14 for 4 years as iPhones last forever.
  2. I use Newton Mail, Todoist, Fantastical, Messages, Slack, Discord, and the phone app. What apps do you use daily on your phone?
  3. For me it is What's my name by Rihanna. Idk why it but it just grinds my gear. YOU KNOW YOUR NAME IT IS RIHANNA OR WHATEVER YOUR REAL NAME IS lol What about you?
  4. For me it was Thunder Force https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10121392/?ref_=ttls_li_tt Just wasn't that good and I was hoping it would be better.
  5. Yeah, I got xbox game pass with EA's premium thing for $1 for like 3-4 months back around Black Friday. I still have only used it once but it was a good deal.
  6. That is a good deal. Not a game I'm into but glad people can get good deals on games still.
  7. I first started playing when I was 13 on my parent's PC. I would play Roller Coaster Tycoon Loopy Landscape and Zoo Tycoon.
  8. Nope, I only ever play Spyro or The Sims or SimCity on my PC so it isn't needed for those games.
  9. I mod The Sims when I play it but not any other game. I have tons of mods/addons for The Sims 4.
  10. I play the reignited trilogy and I have it on Steam and the Switch. I am farther on my PC than I am on the Switch though.
  11. Yeah for me it was Donkey Kong 64 on the nintendo 64. I still own the game and it is still just as amazing as it once was.
  12. This is interesting. I knew that they were somewhat into gaming cause of Twitch Prime but I didn't know they offered games on Twitch/Prime.
  13. Nope, I just have the PS5 and my husband has the PSP.
  14. I can't wait to see what Apple does for their future M1 Macbooks. It is amazing and I can't wait.
  15. My first game was The Sims 1 Complete Collection. I loved that game. That introduced me to PC Gaming.
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