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  1. I got the first game this Christmas and I finished it in 12 hours well for the season one story.
  2. Zro

    Worst computer game

    Pinball, lol i don't like such games like pinball
  3. Never get a gaming laptop unless you will always be on the move and never really game from home. Desktops are much cheaper and much more powerful.
  4. I'm a huge fan of Sips_He mostly did YouTube at first, but the twitch style streaming is incredibly well suited for his style.
  5. ThinkPad T and X series are monsters with user replaceable parts. A wise purchase for long-term use.
  6. OBS for video recording. I've never used it, but I've heard Davinci Resolve is a great video editor
  7. I shut mine down if I'm not going to be using it within the next few hours. With an SSD my boot time is a few seconds so it's not a big deal and saves energy.
  8. I didn;t exactly build my first PC myself, more like asked an older friend of mine to build one for me because at the time I was pretty clueless. I believe I was 15 then
  9. I have a great time. I spend about 80% of my time in training packs or Snow Day, with some Standard, Rumble, or accidentally 2v2 mixed in.
  10. It could be possible to do a budget build around $750-1,000. I mid tier PC could land anywhere from $1,400-1,800 and if you really wanna go all out you could spend $2,000+. Although with RAM and graphics card prices being inflated right now you could expect to spend even a little more
  11. Zro

    Word of Warcraft

    yeh i played that game It’s a fun game and it’s free to play until level 20 Give it a try. Still worth it
  12. I normally spend anywhere from 2-3 hours a day in different streams while I stream 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.
  13. I am interested what about shipping charges ?
  14. Gamestop is 100x better. At least you will be abe to get something you want at gamestop. At 99gamers, you will eventually be forced to over pay for some random game only based on the seller being a new user who doesn't know not to send out games.
  15. Don't put it on a soft surface eg bed. When playing at home, better remove the batteries and just use the power cable to keep it running
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