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  1. I would like to see the first three 3D GTA games remade and or remastered. So III, Vice City and San Andreas. I think those in a package together would be awesome. But not just a remastered version, but all of them revamped with new controls and maybe even new voice acting and missions. Maybe even through in IV, but I can see Rockstar releasing that one separate.
  2. I think I'd have to second the Super Nintendo, mainly because it approved upon the NES in many ways and had better games overall imo. NES was great, but it wasn't perfect. That or the PS2 for how many games it has.
  3. What games are you currently playing? At the moment I am playing Hitman 2 on Xbox One. Been slowly going through the missions, finding all the useful items. I then plan to re-play each mission and get 100% in them all. Should be fun. I am also playing Jackbox this weekened with some friends and maybe Table top simulator. What are you playing right now?
  4. I would love to try my hand at tournaments and gaming championships. I don't think I have the skill to win any events, but I would still love to partake. With that being said, what are the easiest games to get into for esports? I was thinking Star Craft 2 maybe, but I can see League of Legends being an option as well. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
  5. You probably could have said that with the Wii U, but the Switch officially brought Nintendo back to the front lines. Right now I think the switch is even leading in sales against the PS4 and Xbox One.
  6. The Switch has been a beast since its release all the way back in 2017 and continues to sell like crazy. It's been 3 years since its release and there's already been a Switch Lite. Do you suspect we'll be seeing another switch at some point? Maybe a switch 2 that's suped up with better hardware. I have a feeling that is what will happen once people have time with the new PS5 and Xbox. The Switch will survive for a while though, but maybe the next two years, we'll see a Switch 2.
  7. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are expected to drop this holiday, with a slew of games to follow. But what are you leaning towards buying day one? Or, will you be getting all consoles on opening day? Currently we're only aware of the PS5 and the new Xbox, but Nintendo may be dropping in a new version of a switch and we also got smaller consoles on the horizon, like the Atari VCS, but I'm not betting on that one doing good. Anyways, vote and discuss what console(s) you plan to buy day one. I would like to buy both the Xbox Series X and PS5 on release, but I don't know if I could afford to do that.
  8. YES! I love the NFL 2K series back when they were allowed to make NFL themed games. They made the popular ESPN NFL 2K5, which I still own on Xbox. I used to play it mostly on PS2 back in the day, and I like to think I became somewhat of a pro at it. Well, if you remember back all the way in 2004, ESPN NFL 2K5 came out for a measily $19.99. Which was far off from EA's Madden which was going for $49.99 if I remember correctly. Anyway, this caused EA to buy the NFL license until 2020. Which brings us to today, where 2K may be getting to make new NFL themed games again. The only downside, is that EA still has the license to the NFL, as I'm pretty sure they renewed it. The good news, is that they're allowing 2K to do different types of NFL games. So EA would still produce their Madden, while 2K will probably be making a more party themed game. Maybe compared to NFL street, NBA Jam, stuff like that maybe. 2K is being allowed to feature actual NFL players in their games as well. And you can read more about that below. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2k-nflpa-strike-deal-to-feature-current-nfl-players-in-multiple-football-video-games/
  9. I don't like gaming on tablets or phones that much. I can handle the usual puzzle games, but anything that involves the need for multiple controls, it doesn't work so well with mobile. I am considering getting one of those controllers that can be connected to a tablet, at least I should be able to play easier that way.
  10. Currently I play on Xbox One, but just got a mid tier gaming PC that can play some modern games, so I might pick it up for PC and play it that way instead. I'm used to playing with a controller, so it's going to be weird playing on PC. But, it'll be worth it I think. 🙂
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