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  1. Virus Rush is a new bullet-hell style game that takes place in a microscopic world. It released for the Nintendo Switch just a few days ago. You play as a sentient virus that has to navigate through what looks like hoards of germs and viruses. It looks like it'd be fun. The game combines elements of strategy and survival as well. Check the trailer out below. Is this a buy for you?
  2. Did anyone here pick up the Ouya back when the original Kickstarter happened back in 2012? I never owned one myself, but was interested when it first was released. The controller looks fairly decent, but I heard it wasn't that good of a controller and was said to be poorly made. As well, the Ouya console itself was a glorified android box, most phones of the time could do what it did, and phones to release soon after would already surpass its power. Eventually the company dissolved or closed down, I forget. And now you can probably find these little consoles for cheap all over eBay these days. Do you thin it's worth it for an android gaming device? Or is it too dated to work these days? I figure you could probably easily do some emulation on it too.
  3. Has anyone here played the Reservoir Dogs game that came out in 2006 for the PS2, Xbox and PC? It seemed like a lot of gangster movies got the video game treatment back in that generation, from this, to the likes of Scarface, The Sopranos, The Godfather and more. I've never played the game myself, but I am a huge fan of the movie and have considered checking it out. If it's as bad as they say it is, I might get some some laughs at how cringey it is at least.
  4. A video game based on the popular Paranormal Activity movie series is in the works and is expected to drop sometime in 2026. It's being developed by DarkStone Digital who did The Mortuary Assistant. DreadXP will publish it. I think Paranormal Activity works better in game form anyway. The movies were never scary to me. Plus with DarkStone Digital developing it, I expect it to be scary enough, they did a decent job with the Mortuary Assistant. Also, they are working with Paramount Games to make this happen. More on this story here: https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2024/03/a-paranormal-activity-video-game-is-coming-in-2026/
  5. Not for gambling purposes, just thought I'd get that out of the way. My dad used to be into poker, but hasn't played it in a long time. I am not good at poker, know next to anything about it, but want to get him into online poker games. I'm thinking like those VR poker games, or just regular style poker you can play online. I'm leaning on PC, because I don't have an Xbone anymore so PC would be the best option. Do you have any suggestions for good online poker games? Are there any good ones that are free to play?
  6. I know it may sound weird, but have you ever been inspired to try new things or experiences because of a video game? Maybe it was a mission that featured a location you'd like to travel to one day, or maybe maybe the game introduced you to certain things like foods, drinks, and even cultures. Maybe a game inspired you to ask questions about the world. Is there any games that have inspired you in such a way? There has to be people who are inspired to try out new things because of a video game. I'm sure it happens with movies, tv, books, etc. I suppose you could say for me, traveling to certain locations would be something I could one day see myself doing. Like in Hitman for example, with the level in Sapienza. I'd love to visit a place like that one day. I've never been one for traveling, but that game made it look like a place I should see. And I do need to get out of my comfort zone anyway.
  7. Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite franchises. I played portions of the first game on a demo over and over as a kid, and also played my share of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. Especially 3 as that's my favorite of the whole series. But to be fair, I didn't play most of the games to follow. I did play one of the PSP style games on the MGS HD collection that came out back in like 2011, but that was it. I played a bit of MGS 5, but I couldn't get into it. I think the open world was too much for me. I have played a few of the NES games, but not far enough to make an opinion on them. I also have not played MGS 4 and hear it's one of the best. I also had MGS VR Missions back on the PS1 as well. Played the hell out of that too. I did play a bit of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but never beat it because it was way too hard for me. What would you say is your favorite MGS game? Which one is the best? Personally it's MGS 3 Snake Eater for me, both in terms of my favorite and the best. I think it's the best of the whole series.
  8. Remember when you could call video game hotlines to help you with tips on your favorite games? I know Nintendo was big on their hotlines. Sadly I never got the chance to use a video game hotline growing up. I don't think my parents would have been happy with the phone bill if I did haha. Now days it's not needed with the internet being readily available. But did anyone here ever call up these gaming hotline for tips and tricks?
  9. Has anyone played this free to play browser game? It's made by someone who goes by the name Neal. The game is very simple, you select an item from the right panel and combine them to other items to make new items that can be used in further crafting. For example, combining dust and water created mud, combining earth and fire makes lava, etc. I'm probably doing a horrible job explaining it, but here's a video showing exactly what you do, you don't have to watch the whole thing, you should get the idea fairly quickly. You can play the game here for free - https://neal.fun/infinite-craft/ I messed around with it for a while, and it's kind of relaxing to play. Going to his main site here - https://neal.fun/ you can find a ton of random games made by the same guy. I messed around with the password game, which was kind of fun.
  10. I had no idea Meta Quest has their own game pass style service simply called Meta Quest+. I guess if you sign up, you can get two free games a month, which can be kept until your subscription is up. The service is only $7.99 a month, or $59.99 annually if you want to save a few bucks. And hey, if you're new, you can get a free month when signing up. There is some news to share though. Meta Quest+ will now include a Games catalog to select from instead of just the two free games every month. This catalog so far will feature 12 games on March 1st, those games being: The Climb Demeo Espire 1: VR Operative Fruit Ninja Hand Physics Lab Jurassic World Aftermath Onward Red Matter A Township Tale Sports Scramble Until You Fall Walkabout Mini Golf So, if you get subscribed, you should be able to grab from any of these games, plus see two free games a month I imagine. Who here has already subscribed to their service? Do you think it's worth it right now? I just hope the catalog of games grows and it's not just the two games a month. More on this story here- https://xrsource.net/5859/meta-quest-takes-another-step-closer-to-xbox-game-pass/
  11. Releasing March 8th for the Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S is Unicorn Overlord, a new tactical RPG from the makers of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere. It's from the dev team at Vanillaware and published by Atlus. I'm sure there are fans of tactical RPGs here. I never really got too into them myself. Anyone here going to grab this when it releases?
  12. Has anyone here played Humanity yet? It's a game where you play as a Shiba Inu dog attempting to guide humans to an end goal of solving puzzles. It's currently out for the PS4, PS5 and PC and also has VR support, but can be played without if needed. I'm getting a Pikmin vibe, but with humans instead. Is this game worth picking up? I see it's $30 on steam, so not a bad price.
  13. Remedy Games now fully owns Control, obtaining the franchise from 505 Games by spending $18 million to take back control of their franchise. What they get in the deal is ownership and rights for Control, Control 2, and its multiplayer spinoff, Condor. This new deal also terminates their publishing deal with 505 games, so it's likely Remedy will take on the publishing for said games going forward as well. I like their choice in buying this franchise. I didn't play much of Control, but what I did play I really enjoyed. I'm getting a little hyped for the sequel now, even though not much on it is really know. And I'm interested in seeing what this Condor game turns out to be. Anyway, could Remedy one day take the Max Payne franchise back? Or do you think Rockstar will hold onto that forever? Source of story: https://mp1st.com/news/remedy-takes-full-control-of-control-franchise-from-505-games
  14. Lately there has been a massive amount of layoffs. Just recently PlayStation let go of over 900 employees, while EA just recently fired 600+. And before that Microsoft also fired over 1900 employees. It's weird to me that so many of these major gaming companies are having so many layoffs in such little time. Do you think this is going to keep happening for the foreseeable future? What other studios or companies could be next to end up cutting more jobs? Unity laid off 1,800 people in January, Riot games are said to have laid off 500 employees, and even Twitch laid off another 500+ employees. Epic Games also laid off 16% of their employees back in September of last year. What's the lasting affect this is going to cause to the gaming industry? Are we going to end up seeing more layoffs this year? What companies do you think could end up laying off more people? Do you think a lot of those laid off will team up and form their own studios? About EA layoffs - https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/video-game-company-ea-to-lay-off-5-of-workforce-or-about-670-employees/ar-BB1j4dyL About PlayStation layoffs - https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/playstation-will-lay-off-900-employees-including-marvels-spider-man-and-the-last-of-us-developers/ar-BB1j1NgQ Layoffs at Epic Games - https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/news/layoffs-at-epic This article discusses the variour other company layoffs including Xbox, Unity, Twitch, etc. - https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/shopping/it-s-not-just-playstation-5-other-gnarly-gaming-layoffs-in-2024-so-far/ar-BB1j3FcA
  15. Check out the trailer below for the upcoming extraction horror shooter Level Zero: Extraction. It's said to be a PvPvPvE style of game where it's either you playing solo, with a group of friends or as one of the monsters going up against someone or a group of people. Should be fun. But, it kind of reminded me of Evolve, so I hope it's better than that. They are doing a closed beta March 15th, but there is currently no exact release date at this time, just that it will be sometime in 2024. You can request access to the closed beta through Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1456940/Level_Zero_Extraction/
  16. Kane99

    Heading Out

    Check out the trailer for Heading Out below, a new narrative adventure game that has some roguelike elements. It's also said to be inspired by popular 70's style road movies like Vanishing Point. But I also heard it compared to Thelma & Louise. From what I see with the story, you seem to be playing a criminal who is on the run from the police, and while on the run you encounter other interesting characters and story arches. I believe the decisions you make, have an impact on the end game. Does this look like something you'd check out? It will release for Steam on May 7, 2024. - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1640630/Heading_Out/
  17. Our friends aren't always going to enjoy the same games we like, and that's fair. But are there any video games you wish your friends can get into? Maybe you want to enjoy the game with them, or you think they would really enjoy the game if they just gave it a try. I wish some of my friends were into Madden, because I'd like to play some of my friends in it, but most of my friends hate Madden. And fair enough, I understand why people hate it. I'd also like to play some of the WWE games with friends, but most of them aren't into wrestling like me haha. Anyway, what are some games you love, and wish your friends would take a chance on too?
  18. The Alone in the Dark remake, simply titled Alone in the Dark is dropping March 20th for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S, so not too long to wait for those who've been clamoring for it for a while now. I'm just hoping they do the franchise justice with this remake and bring the popularity back to the franchise. The last game, Alone in the Dark: Illumination, came out in 2015 and was panned by critics and fans of the series for being pretty bad. I think this remake needs to bring fans back in, and bring in new fans as well. Are you going to pick this game up when it releases next month?
  19. March 5th 2024, The Outlast Trials will officially launch out of its early access state. It's been in early access since its initial release in May of 2023, Did anyone here play the Outlast Trials when it first dropped in early access? Or are you waiting for its official release next week? I couldn't get into the original games, and I don't know if this game is really for me either. But I know there are a lot of fans for this game, so I am curious to know if anyone will check it out after it comes out of early access? For those who have played, is it worth checking out now?
  20. This looks pretty fun, it's an upcoming open-world adventure pirate RPG that looks similar to games like Terraria and Stardew Valley. But hell, it looks a lot more promising than Skull and Bones turned out to be. It even has ship battles. You can download a demo for the game via steam here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1471270/Seablip/
  21. Supposedly two separate builds of the game, one being a playtest of the game was leaked online recently and they can be played via PC & Android. I am not going to tell you where or how to find them. I assume EA is trying to stop this leak as fast as they can. Whoever leaked this is going to be in some serious trouble, especially with the way recent leakers have gone to jail. The leak, if true, reports that the new game will have a free to play model, similar to what The Sims 4 is currently. It will have DRM added into the mix, which is kind of to be expected with EA. Another bit of news from the leak also mentions them moving away from the frostbite engine and moving on to the Unreal Engine, either 4 or 5. Which makes sense to me. Do you see yourself playing The Sims 5? Or did the 4th game sour your taste on the series? Maxis have to follow what EA wants to do, and we know full well they're going to make it into a live service style game. Either by releasing endless DLC packs, or charging a ton for stuff in game. More on this news here: https://gameranx.com/updates/id/490974/article/the-sims-5-leaks-online-revealing-drm-engine-change/
  22. With the release of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 remake a while back doing so well, it made me wonder if there's a chance we could see Activision, or now Xbox, make a new Tony Hawk game. I think it'd be the perfect time to start on a new Tony Hawk franchise, especially with EA jumping back into the Skate franchise. I'm kind of surprised they haven't made any announcements to making a new Tony Hawk game. We all need something to rinse the taste out of our mouths caused by the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 and that first shoddy HD remake they did. I think whoever did the 1&2 remake should take on a sequel. What do you think?
  23. I've been seeing a lot of older VR headsets on Facebook marketplace as of late, going for around $100-$150, for stuff like older Oculus Rift models, before it became the Meta Quest we know it today. I assume a lot of these older VR headsets still work great, but are limited in what they can play. Would it be worth getting something like the Oculus Rift S, which I saw on FB marketplace for around $150 or so. Should I save up for a Meta Quest 3 or pick up one of these older models instead? I'm kind of tempted to pick up one just to see if it's on par with the Quest 2 or 3 even. If it's not worth picking up, I assume then that these VR headsets are going to become obsolete faster.
  24. I am going to get myself a Meta Quest 3 soon, currently saving up what I can to pick one up, and I am thinking about trying Beat Saber on it to sort of help me lose weight. I've seen this game in action and it looks like a decent workout. And I need to get back into working out and I think playing a VR game like Beat Saber would be a good start. Who here has played it and consider it a decent workout tool? Do you know other games similar to beat saber that could be useful for workout needs?
  25. Who here played the True Crime: New York City game? It was the sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA. I honestly don't remember a whole lot about this one. I remember Streets of LA fondly, but don't remember playing this one that often. I don't think we even purchased the game, likely rented it at some point, didn't like it and moved on. But does anyone here remember playing it? I have a copy for it on Xbox and have been thinking about emulating it soon to see if it matches up with Streets of LA. It released on PS2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows, & mobile in November of 2005, two years after Streets of LA. The series later ended up becoming what we know as Sleeping Dogs today. Sadly we haven't gotten a sequel in forever. I think it's due for one.
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