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  1. Some amiibos, Mario action figures, some t-shirts, I love specially a official 8-bit Megaman sprite t-shirt. I am planning to get more stuff but integrate it as home decor subtly rather than only action figures in a shelf. Hanging the Link shield as an ornament, getting Palpatine office chair for my desk (I love Star Wars too), and crafting or having made things that are not in sale, I want the Ryu stage as an picture in one wall, other picture with Hyrule landscape, and so on.
  2. johnlink

    Donkey Kong

    You didn't say if you mean the original Donkey Kong or other games. I will speak about both cases. The first Donkey Kong is really limited, it has only 4 stages and repeats the cycle again and again until game over. Same for the sequels. But there is a really cool version, Donkey Kong for Game Boy, it has a lot of new mechanics, and 100 levels and is one of the best games for such handheld. Other game with similar gameplay is Mario vs Donkey Kong for Game Boy Advance. The Donkey Kong Country saga is really spectacular and is today considered the main universe for Donkey Kong. My favourite game is DKC 2 Diddy's Kong Quest, it has the best levels and music, too bad I can't play with Donkey Kong himself here, so the first game is one of my favourites too, but gameplay was more limited and simple. The DKC Returns for Wii is great, almost a perfect platformer, but the villains are really lame compared to the Kremlins, Tropical Frezze could be better but I haven't played it yet.
  3. I didn't get the DLC, but my brother has it and it looks like fun. It adds more lore and protagonism of the champions,has a lot of cool stuff and a nice challenge, the new final boss is funny and thug, a lot of extra pizzles, shrines, weapons and armors.
  4. I think is unrelated to any movie, as Batman games are not related to any movie, it another universe, maybe this Suicide Squad game exist in the same universe of Batman Arkham series, but it is different universe than the movies, so maybe there is not problem if you watch the movie before or after or never.
  5. I have dreamt I am in some kind of first person shooter or 3D game, but I think dreaming about games is really normal, as we dream with anything we know in any time.
  6. Maybe the OP didn't notice it. I tried to lead the chat to the subforum topic, but I think moving the thread to general gaming is other option.
  7. Yes, like 60% of my gaming time is classic games, mainly NES and SuperNES. Well, since this is the eSports subforum, this could apply, since there are a lot of gamers clinging to play Smash Bros Melee in current tournaments.
  8. Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart, Street Fighter V, but I am not good enough, I play more for funs and lols, still I practice, just in case I can kick my friends and siblings butts from time to time.
  9. My PS Street Fighter Alpha 3 disc has some issues when loading, specially Rolanto stage. The biggest problem is hardware, as with my controllers, many of them got worn out. I had to buy a second set of controller for SNES, my Game Cube controllers C-stick are a little worn, the N64 sticks, and my Wii nunchuck stick but not too much. The worst was for my DS Lite, but I think was my nephew, the top part is loose, so it doesn't stand anymore, it goess all back or get closed, not between.
  10. They are making more characters for Smash Bros, often make Mario Kart, Splatoon, Smash, ARMS, Mario Tennis, Tetris tournaments. They are making Breath of the Wild 2, Animal Crossing sales skyrocketed, they just released Origami King. They are making a new Metroid Prime, they have Pokémon! How is Nintendo dead? They maybe seem quiet, because games like Zelda or Metroid take years to develop so they are not posting news often and E3 was cancelled, but they had posted news about other games all year long, launching new games, and releasing old games digitally.
  11. You are not alone, I love NES sprites, I have t-shirts with sprites, I have even made some graphic hacks/mods, editing or creating NES sprites it's really fun for me. Often I use NES sprites as avatars or signs in forums. I like sprites in general but I think the NES ones are so iconic, that I could even tattoo some of them.
  12. I used to have the original NES, it still in my parents house, but my brother that lives there kept it when I move out, I prefer how the original NES looks, but the top loader NES has a lot of advantages, the plastic looks cheaper, but has better video out and cartridges work better, since the original NES sometimes don't load due that unnecesary mechanism, also has a longer life cycle.
  13. Spelunky 2 really looks like fun. I love these retro approach to platform videogames, indeed it reminds me of the 80's Spelunker for Famicom. I wonder if it will available in other consoles too.
  14. The Batman Arkham games are excellent, I am sure this could be a great game in this generation. Also I have waited by years for a good portrayal of Superman in games, even if he is not the protagonist they could make sense of Superman in a videogames. Due the nature of games, no Superman game had follow the Superman rules and logic. But as a secondary character the chances of a correct Superman portrayal are bigger.
  15. Yes I think handhled is very important for Nintendo, but the Switch could be the answer to both markets, it's is a TV console, but is handhled too. A importnat thing I noticed in this generation is that a main Pokémon game is in the Switch. In all generations, all main Pokémon games are made for the handheld console, and the TV console get spin-offs. with Switch the line between a main console and a portable one is really blurry. We don't know of Switch is the successor of Wii U or 3DS, or both, or none. Before Switch release they said that Wii U would have a successor different from Switch, but today they are not saying it anymore, so maybe Switch is ultimate hybride to cover both markets, but the future will tell us.
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