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  1. Are there any in-game foods or beverages you really wish you could try IRL?
  2. What are some sports games you have played that feature more obscure/minor sports? I.e. fencing, archery, handball, curling, etc.
  3. I have a lot of dust in my PS5 vents. These vents are particularly huge, and as a result, I am worried that if I use canned air, it will just push the dust further in. If you have a PS5, how are you cleaning out those big vents without making things worse?
  4. What are some quests in games where you were confused and surprised by how the game interpreted your actions/result? For example, in The Outer Worlds, I tried to do a solution for the Edgewater quest in the beginning that seemed optimal, and that would result in the faction I wanted to have power winning. But the game interpreted my solution differently and actually scolded me afterwards for dashing the dreams of that faction.
  5. I am replaying the Minerva’s Den DLC in BioShock 2, and ran into the name “Brandon Pham” on a piece of paper that was being printed out by a machine. I looked it up and wasn’t surprised to find it was a developer’s name. It made me curious what other references to developer names have been spotted in various video games?
  6. What is a game that you did not think was going to do well leading up to its release, but then turned out to be really successful?
  7. Does anyone here own a console or controller that you have customized? What kind of customization does it feature?
  8. Sometimes games include weapons or abilities that are humorous. What are some of the best examples?
  9. Sometimes developers cut corners with dungeon design. In the worst cases, they may reuse the same few dungeons again and again with small modifications and/or different items and enemies (looking at you, Dragon Age 2). When you run into this sort of laziness, does it annoy you a little or a lot?
  10. What are some professions you would like to see job simulator games made for?
  11. Do you find most of the games you play are little indie releases, or big AAA games?
  12. Have you bought games after playing them for free through subscriptions?
  13. What are some games where you actually like the gameplay better in the sequel than the original? For instance, while I think I prefer the original BioShock to BioShock 2 just slightly in general, I do actually prefer BioShock 2’s gameplay.
  14. What are some games that feature surprisingly long DLCs in relation to their base games? As an example, Minerva’s Den is quite a long DLC in relation to BioShock 2.
  15. @skyfire and @Empire Thank you for the resources!
  16. If you are a creator of any type (programmer, writer, artist, etc.), what games have had the biggest influence on your own work?
  17. When you have a weird little slice of time to fill and you want to game, what do you play? For example, say you just finished a game, and you have 20 minutes before you want to quit gaming for the day. What do you fill that gap with?
  18. Are there any games that make you feel both relaxed and stressed out at the exact same time? So far, this is the impression I get of Minecraft. But maybe the stress part wears off once I figure out what I am doing.
  19. What are the most distinctive, unusual dungeons you can remember from any games?
  20. What are your favorite video game music covers? Please share.
  21. What are some older games that still don’t feel “dated” when you are playing them? And I don’t just mean that they’ve aged well. I mean also that they still feel like something that might have been made today.
  22. I thought I would start a thread where we can share screenshots of anything cool we have built in any game (Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, etc. etc.).
  23. Does Minecraft have absolutely no tutorial? I feel quite lost trying to get started without one. So far, I have largely accomplished dying many times.
  24. What are the coolest bases you have ever seen in No Man’s Sky?
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