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  1. That is true, so my word choice was poor. They would be slaves: living beings who think and feel that I could bully and make do anything I want. That's the greatest appeal. The "persona" I'm revealing in this thread isn't a character though; it's actually the way I would act if I were a massive giant stranded on a planet or an island inhabited by flea-sized people. I'd be an absolute tyrant, using my jarred slaves as little beings I could unleash wrath upon due to any personal insecurity I experience at the time, any temporary frustration: but that would mostly be the men. If I had t
  2. That isn't quite what I said. I was asking you how else to fulfill a very real physiological need. There is an oft cited psychological theory that certain needs must be met before others: it is called Mazslow's heirarchy of needs. It states that more abstract needs, like the ones you seem to want to champion, can't be met until physiological needs are secured sustainably. Clean air, water, food, temperature regulation, sleep, and sexual needs are included. My abduction idea is unethical you believe: okay. But you propose other grand, egalitarian ways to rule, yet there is a
  3. Contrary to what you first think, I wouldn't objectionalize/objectify the tiny people. I would very much enjoy the idea that they were actual, real people I carry within my a jar in my pocket, almost like pets. They would be insurance against attacks yes, but knowing that they can comprehend me as an Old Testament god makes it all the better. Where stepping on ants is just mindless entertainment, dominating an intelligent species, people with lives and hopes and dreams, that would be meaningful power. Do you really imagine it would be that unpleasant for them for the women I abduct? Why?
  4. But Reality: look at North Korea. The Kim dynasty has been in power since before the 1950s: three generations I think? They have successfully held power through top-down control of the government, their ruling class, and their military. Kim Jong Un routinely utilizes oppression, fear, and yes, secret police to stifle uprisings. Every house in North Korea has a portrait of Kim Jong Un over their dinner table. He is worshipped as being about equal to a god. That method of control and brainwashing has worked for them for decades. The quality of life in North Korea is poor as a result of th
  5. Maintaining the balance may be challenging, but worst case I have the upper hand as the superior being. It is much like a mafia racket; you're spot on. And the mafia has existed a long time and many of the most prominent crime families have lived long, rich lives. However, in this scenario the "racket" wouldn't be totally one-sided like before. I would offer protection from foreign threats, and if they wished, crush foreign rivals. Arbitrary symbols of "wealth" such as gems, precious metals, or currency would have no value to me as giant, nor would a luxury fabrics or extravagant wardr
  6. That fits three of them, but how does it tear down mountains?
  7. Donald Trump would love your eagerness to limit free speech. I am having difficulty making sense of what your issue with political speech in games is. Firstly, what game was that just so I have an idea of what you are talking about? Wow! It is definitely out of the norm, but not out of line. Here is what would be out of line: suppressing anybody's first amendment rights because of your personal distaste. If the creators wanted to boldly announce their political leanings within the game itself, that's their right as creators. If they are self-funded, self-published, or fu
  8. I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's emperor, but for all these years, I've never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in darkness, a doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed, the year of Akatosh, 433. These are the closing days of the third era, and the final hours of my life.
  9. Depends on the game. Wizards and sorcerers are defined and differentiated only in DnD that I know of. Most everywhere else, mage, wizard, and sorcerer are used interchangeably. In nearly every context they are used, they are pure magic users creating something out of nothing such as elemental based magic. I don't see sages often used in gaming, but they aren't as purely magical. They often use some weird ingredients, can be nature-related, and don't use magic as a way of direct confrontation. Priests are just healers almost everywhere. There are way too many different versions
  10. Open world suffers single player or open world multiplayer. I like the idea of a hybrid between hack and slash and tabtarget/autoattack. There are a couple older games in Star Wars franchise: Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast that I thought would be awesome in an open world multiplayer, even MMO style game, provided the combat and everything else were fleshed out suitably. But it was a hybrid combat system.
  11. I concede that my first proposal was flawed. You are assuming I am undermining the tiny people when it may not be the case in this new scenario. There is a chance that my approach could be mutually beneficial. We are both taking from each other, but we are both gaining something we wouldn't have had. I would be getting the adulation and dominance I want, while they would be getting my protection from enemies and raw power. It would be a legitimate way of ruling, if a bit harsh. Not necessarily malevolent. In exchange for their loyalty, I could protect them from all foreign threats. I
  12. You propose peace, cooperation, and rationality as the best way forward, which aren't without merit, but here's a novel idea you may not have considered. What if it were possible to enjoy the best of both worlds? Approach under the guise of peace, engage with their head of state or whatever gnats they call leaders, and in exchange for unyielding loyalty, unquestionable obedience, and total worship, I promise safety for themselves, their families and those closest to them, and most importantly, the military. Even better, shower favor and reward their elite so that they genuinely prefer the new
  13. By the way, I fully understand your suggestion that I would be purposely instigating a situation where they would strike at me, because it would give me the justification to crush them into submission, and that may be true to some extent. Any attack, regardless of how feeble, would result in me stamping my feet on them as a matter of principle, and I would enjoy every second of it. What I am saying is I would want to test them to challenge me, until they reach a true breaking point. Once broken, I would have total control. As I said I would degrade them further by using the tiny jarred slav
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