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  1. We have a retro game store at the downtown mall with all sorts of retro games for ps2, ps1, ps3, xbox 360, Nintendo ds, 3ds, genesis, dream cast, and Gameboy and advance and they got comics and books and shirts and arcades and all sorts of nostalgia material to "go back in time" for your mind. Always packed and heavy it's called player's choice; aptly named.
  2. The "Importance" varies on the mood of which game I may play and when. I use to be hardcore dedicated to where i would spend 17 hours a day gaming; NOT KIDDING. These days are much less hardcore and dedicated; more so proper and casual style; 30 minutes to an hour depending on the game; try to focus on limiting the extension of how many hours i go over for a specific title. RPG's may take longer cause of the story; wrestling games; shooters take a bit much but really it's just a "few" hours or less for anything now. I space out gaming more so then ever before. I will say though I am much happier when playing games during a day then when I am not. In regards to "Importance" variations I'd say its different for everyone and I love it when I need to have it. Probably why I've kept my Vita since launch; vary valuable to me and priceless to rid of.
  3. To quote one of the characters from the exact game in which I achieved 100 percent; "If I recall correctly..." Enchanted arms for the Xbox 360 (when i had the 360 of course). In 2006 when the game was released there wasn't a fan following of the game and I was one of the few who took interest in the game so I got the game and spent a lot of time going the distance. Years later the game has a fan following and the game seems to be more rare these days as well. Getting 100% in this game was such a cool experience that i went and got the ps3 version once i moved to ps3 system. I believe the ps3 version does not have trophies because of the release period of the game so i treasure the 360 experience I had with achievements. I recommend it. By the way there's a neat stat about the game yet it doesn't really matter so it's cool either way; you can achieve 999 levels but you don't need it--how bout that? hehehe. So yeah; my 100% game "Enchanted arms".
  4. Commentary depending on the game and purpose. So a game where i need to be guided I'd like no commentary, a game where i want to enjoy as an audience to see played (with commentary) or if i know what i am doing and i want to hear the walkthrough to enjoy how they play then there's that. So for example; final fantasy X I know the ins and outs of the game forwards and backwards post and before, story and after so I'd listen to a walkthrough so i can enjoy the essence of someone's enjoyment in playing it maybe for the first time, maybe a multi-time or whatever however for something like final fantasy 8 or 5 or 4 I'd like a walkthrough with no voice to show me what I am suppose to do without too much words. Games like Bullet storm, Binary domain are good quality game in the FPS genre so I'd like to see a walkthrough as the player enjoys the game maybe through dialogue or relationships between developing characters but mostly RPGs tend to be the main focus.
  5. I find a journal helpful controlling the mind's (pace and reaction). When I do use it, i feel calm and peaceful, when i don't i feel loose and distant. I suppose it's very useful for many to calculate thoughts.
  6. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite, my grandparents loved cookie dough though. Miss them. Mint is awesome delicious after a grand dinner.
  7. Having used Twitter a ton, i can honestly say it's extremely toxic and hard to break away from. I typically use youtube and facebook but twitter is loaded with toxins (sins toxins got to ya, but you're still alive---praise be to yevon **Bows**)
  8. I enjoy it in rare occasions but not as much as yester year
  9. I tend to replay them as the moment arrives to where it's fun to do so. Binary domain and Bulletstorm and vanquish among others all have moments where replay means much to the game story. Plus many others to go with it.
  10. FFX is my favorite all time game and when I don't play i miss the story it tells and the characters that develop within that story and how they are connected. Like when I do play I enjoy some of the plot points so when I don't play I think about those plot points where a significant character is included and i think of a line from it and it makes me smile knowing I have that familiarity. I've played the game so much that even when I do not play I always celebrate the anniversary of its release world wide and it's a staple to the fact of how many lives it reached when it first appeared on the PS2 in 2001. 19 years later and it's one of the most amazing stories ever told and I am very proud it's nearly every platform even if I don't have majority of those platforms to play it on.
  11. I'm new here, I hope to meet everyone soon. Currently playing Final Fantasy 8 for the first time. Love FFX as my favorite RPG, i also enjoy mostly sports titles like MLB the show 09 and NCAA Football 13 as I currently play lots of ps3. I'm an outgoing kind of person, positive, encouraging, and just love video games. God bless you all and thanks again for having me part of the team!!!!
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