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  1. I want to share on the forum because it's boiling and I'm tired of fighting. My wife and I have a common hobby - games. Yes, and we met thanks to them, but that's not what I mean. At the very beginning of our family life, we were avid LoL players. The real Xayah and Rakan, playing together, spending time, rising from the bottom of the low elo. Since my wife had a lot of time (since she does not work), in the afternoon, when I was still at work, she entertained herself with casual games. In our family, my spouse is in charge of the household, and I earn the money. And I began to notice that in the last month my spouse began to take money for some purchases more and more often. Well, ok, I thought she probably wanted to pamper herself with something. However, expenses began to grow, as did the frequency of my wife's phrases that I should not ask her stupid questions, since she invests money in her development, because she is a person and does not want to degrade. And then one day a fateful event occurs, I saw my wife sitting on the couch and playing slots. I instantly flew into a rage and forcibly took the phone from her hands until she could lose everything. I had to take all credit cards from her and limit her funds. It turns out that my wife, hiding behind self-development, simply poured our money into the slots. At that time, she had already managed to lose 1200 dollars and this, please, notice a very tangible amount for our family. I interrupted her at the moment when she still had 75 dollars left. The conversation turned out to be difficult, she swore and swore that she would no longer play, etc. I cooled down and we began to figure out how to withdraw the remains of not yet lost back to the card, and then the fun began. First, we issued an application for withdrawal, then a request from the casino came to my wife's e-mail that they need some documents to make a payment. We sent the entire package of documents and waited. After waiting four days, we received an e-mail stating that the documents sent by us were of inadequate quality, and they ask us to send the documents again, and it all takes time. By the way, for the first time, the documents were photographed on a professional photo machine, the photo quality was excellent, in excellent resolution. As a result, after another four days we wrote in support to find out about the fate of our money, and what you think! We were simply told that our application was still pending. The name of these scammers is Ruby Fortune, and they are like an octopus tightly holding the players in their tentacles, instead of immediately withdrawing the money. This platform deliberately delays the return of funds. Of course, it is beneficial for them, gambling addicts are impatient people, now they want to withdraw and, in a minute, they will sit down to play. It's been 12 days since we are trying to withdraw our unfortunate 75 dollars. Help, tell me how to return what is left of the loss. We can’t go to the police because of it?! And the second question is how to help a person overcome this harmful addiction? Maybe someone came across?
  2. I was dealing with a personal situation that brought me in a lot of troubles. Last month, I had a big fight with my wife and could not handle the situation. To release some stress, I decided to play in the casino. On my email address, I had an advert about a bonus from Ruby Fortune Casino. Since my frustration with my wife was big, I drank a bottle of whiskey at home, and I deposited the money and played the bonus. I understood how stupid I was because I almost lost everything from my deposit of $500. It left me with $150. I then came down and tried to think logical and tried to withdraw the money. Once I uploaded my documents they were verified pretty quickly. However, when I pressed to withdraw the money, all the sum just disappeared. So, there was no money on my account but also no withdrawal. The customer support keeps telling me that I did not have any balance on the account!! They do not help me at all. They just steel my money from the account! Please, give me advice how I can get the rest of my money back! I really do not want the casino just to have it and of course, I will not go to the police with that!
  3. The idea with remakes is good. I would play in them. What to expect from the next - I do not know. In general, I like the atmosphere of the whole series. Hopefully and the new ones will not lag behind for me.
  4. One of the best science fiction series. Looks easy, you can have a good rest.
  5. Zack Snyder's Justice League - 9/10
  6. I played a lot, but the bolts came across only in the ruins. I have not seen anywhere else. Possibly there are addons for adding additional bolt types.
  7. A specific game, I would say. Yes, this is a management-style game, but the emphasis is still on platformer. Many mini-games - each soul gives you a certain resource to be collected. There is a plot by which you can trace what exactly happens, how the characters are connected. I advise you to play, but you need to warn that there are many sad moments in it.
  8. The gate theme is interesting the first few times. Then, thanks to autoleveling, it turns into a boring, but complex monotony. On the other hand, I know many who prefer to leave the main quest for later, when the character is at a high level. It's more fun for them to play as magicians.
  9. I wonder how this will affect their projects.
  10. Steam has long been available for purchase and play. Or are you talking about something else?
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